2018 Mercedes G-Class Interior; Dimensions, Pictures, Features

Sunday, October 14th, 2018 - Mercedes Benz

Mercedes has begun to show little information about the New G-Class SUV. After the many pictures of rumors and spied on the internet, this time they officially show the Inside cabin of 2018 Mercedes G-Class which will appear in Detroit Motor show in January later. More size, more luxury, as much expertise in the field as before: Mercedes promises a lot for the New 2018 Mercedes G-Class. How it looks inside can now be checked.

How to modernize an icon? Mercedes has been questioned several times in the G-class over the past decades. The answer was always: cautious. A larger update is available for 2018. The G-class grows in all directions and changes in the 2018 Mercedes G-Class Interior completely.

Despite the extensive measures, Daimler does not speak of a new model, but of a “model maintenance”. But anyone who looks at the data notices: the 2018 Mercedes G-Class has not only been refreshed. It goes in width by ten centimeters. These centimeters do not migrate into the parts of the body, but into the bodywork structure.

In the interior, however, not all of it arrives. The shoulder clearance at the front is 38 millimeters, at the rear at 27 mm. The previously criminally neglected elbows have more space in front 68 mm, rear 56 mm. A part of the additional width swallows the paneling.

More volume and more technology change the sound – actually. Nevertheless, the G-class doors continue to close like G-class doors. We could try this out in the dark on a disguised model. The castle is mainly responsible for this. As with the predecessor, Mercedes uses a rotary latch. So the characteristic click remains. The door handles also takes over the new G-Class from the old.

2018 Mercedes G-Class Interior Apple and Android Play

Passengers will find more space in the future, especially on the backbench. The trunk, on the other hand, shrinks. 150 millimeters more legroom with a wheelbase stretched by 40 millimeters, says Mercedes. In fact, the rear is now much better than before. The middle tunnel also became flattered, which helps.

The backrests can be locked in nine different positions, up to 90 degrees of inclination are possible. Only then the trunk volume grows to the usual level of 480 liters. When the rear seat is folded (60 to 40), a very large stage continues to emerge. The tailgate continues to swing to the side as before, the box for the spare wheel remains unchanged.

More space is also available in the loading-folded glove compartment, in the rear doors fit liter bottles. Because the gear selector lever moves to the steering wheel, there is also more storage space in the center console and two cups in front of the touchpad for infotainment.

In design, the G-class goes a different way than all other Mercedes models. Outside, almost everything remains as it was, only in larger. In the interior, the metal mounts of the “turbine” vents quote the surround of the headlights, the tweeters on the dashboard remind of the excited indicators on the fenders. Overall, the dashboard remains angular.

The G-Class fans still have to adjust to a fundamental change. Mercedes is building the well-known widescreen solution for infotainment and instruments into the completely redesigned dashboard. Optional. As standard, there are left round instruments and just right a 12.3-inch display, just like the E-class. The overall impression remains the same, the complete component sits more framed and farther back than in other models. The system is operated via a touchpad on the center console or via touchpads on the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself is known from the S-class.

It all feels high quality. The large decorative clasp is made of real aluminum. The surround of the medium ventilation nozzles is anodized, but still feels good. Mercedes already distributes leather and imitation leather in the basic equipment generously in the 2018 Mercedes G-Class Interior. Different woods are available for selection.

2018 Mercedes G-Class Suspension

The seats are already standard with leather, the equipment lines Exclusive and Exclusive plus further increase the proportion of leather. The seat adjustment with memory function is available in the base ex-works, Multikontursitze with inflatable, active side cheeks cost extra. For the first time, there is an AMG-line equipment for the 2018 Mercedes G-Class.

From the predecessor, for example, the sitting position is close to the disc. In addition, the control buttons for the differential locks of the four-wheel drive and the grab handle in front of the passenger. A clear signal to the hardcore fans: Mercedes does not forget the terrain with all the electronic frills and luxury. Daimler is still holding back with technical details. Independent suspension and electromechanical steering are very likely.

Mercedes promises that the new G-Class is no less suitable for the terrain than the old. You’ll see. The premiere will take place in January at the NAIAS in Detroit. First (with-) driving impressions from the 2018 Mercedes G-Class house track at the so-called Schöckl we expect earlier.

2018 Mercedes G-Class Interior; Dimensions, Pictures, Features Pictures

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