2018 VW T-ROC SUV Review; Dimension, Specs, Price, Specs

Saturday, March 16th, 2019 - Volkswagen

Here is our review of 2018 VW T-ROC SUV features, redesign, horsepower, engine specs, fuel economy, interior, price and release date.

VW creates internal competition. Who the Gulf is too conventional can now drive T-Roc. Same technique, (almost) same price, but cooler in appearance. If you like SUV.

Who’s going to buy them all? The car manufacturers throw small SUV and crossover without end to market, the industry apparently looks a gigantic business. It is said to rise worldwide from today 6.4 million to 10.3 million pieces – per year. Europe is a market next to China. Kia Stonic, Hyundai Kona, Seat Arona, Opel Cross-county X-All hope that the cake will become more and more huge. Also Volkswagen, this time not as a late detonator, wants to play with the T-Roc.

The size growth of the Tiguan leaves a gap down at the Wolfsburg manufacturer. This is to close the T-Roc. In November, the golf SUV goes into the dealership. The design was coupéhafter than the Tiguan. The view is mainly on the hip swing in the rear fender. In addition, the 2018 VW T-ROC SUV is not as conventional as the golf that has been in the years, which is currently being sold in the seventh generation.

The 4.23 meter long T-Roc shares the platform MQB with many other products of the VW Group. Thus its drives are largely defined. They range from the 1.0-liter three-cylinder to the 2.0-liter-four-cylinder and from 115 to 190 hp. All engines are direct injectors with turbocharging. On request, there are seven-speed DSG transmissions and four-wheel drive (series at the Topversionen).

Volkswagen T-Roc 2018 Exterior Style

The volume engine of the T-Roc is expected to be the newly developed 1.5-liter TSI with cylinder shutdown (150 hp). For our first ride he was not ready yet, Volkswagen had only the 190 PS of the Turbo gasoline engine. This is a lot of performance in the Compact class. Sure that the gas is extremely good. The maximum torque (320 nm) is already at 1,500 rpm, earlier than the second-liter diesel creates.

2018 VW T-ROC SUV; Test Drive

Not only the engine is convincing. The T-Roc rests in itself, does not spread hectic. Fits the entire vote. Direct steering, stiff body, low rolling noise, good sitting position. In addition, a class chassis that passes tightly and precisely through the curves, but remains sufficiently comfortable in the longitudinal direction. Actually, it can be said that the T-Roc drives like a golf. Only that you can sit a bit higher in it as well as easier to get in and out.

On the back seat it is strangely closer to the other than in the smaller seat Arona. Adults push the knee slightly against the front seat leaning. The trunk is bigger than the one in the Gulf. 445 litres gives VW a net volume. More can be started with the loading area: it measures 99 x 78 centimeters. However, there remains a small inner loading of three centimeters. If the backrest is flat, the capacity rises to 1,290 liters.

2018 VW T-ROC SUV Color

How strong Volkswagen wants to address the young generation with the T-Roc shows, among other things, the bicolor optics by means of a colour-reduced roof. Four tones are possible, in combination with eleven body colours, two furnishing lines (style and sport) and various décor colors.

Mini started with this fashion, even Opel was there early. Today, a good dozen brands operate this concept. Also aimed at young target group are USB ports, inductive Ladeslots for smartphone, virtual cockpit, various online services (gasoline prices, parking lots, weather, traffic) and apps as well as you connectivity standards MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not to mention the 8-channel sound system with 300 watts from the US manufacturer beats.

The T-Roc is currently at the forefront of its segment in the field of assistance systems. No competitor can be equipped with up to 13 electronic helpers or has front assist with pedestrian detection and city-emergency function as well as Lane assist on board. Who wants to have the full program, of course, drives the price of the 2018 VW T-ROC SUV over the 30,000-euro brand. The base starts at 20,390 euros. There are 115 PS, three cylinders, and six manual gears.

In an SUV derivative like the T-Roc, one always suspects that the corporations like to rip off the normal car (here golf). Free according to the motto: Same production price, same drives, same size, but lifestyle surcharge. The denies VWs product presenter Hannes Birdman. “The T-Roc moves at the same level as a golf comparable to performance and equipment.” Surprised, but interested will be happy.

2018 VW T-ROC SUV Specs

Model: 2.0 TSI
Engine: 2.0-liter-four-cylinder petrol
Power: 190 hp (140 kw) at 4,180 to 6,000 rpm
Torque: 320 nm at 1,500 to 4,180 rpm
Transmission: 7-speed DSG, four-wheel drive
0-100 km/h: 7.2 s
Maximum speed: 216 km/h
Consumption: 6.7 L/100 km
CO2:152 g/km
Length: 4.234 m
Width: 1.819 m
Height: 1.573 m
Empty weight: 1,495 kg
Trunk: 445 to 1,290 L
List Price: Base: AB 20,390 euro, test-box: 30,800 euro
Availability: November 2017

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2018 VW T-ROC SUV Review; Dimension, Specs, Price, Specs Pictures

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