2019 BMW M550i xDrive Reviews; Release Date and Prices

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 - BMW

Appetite bites? The 2019 BMW M550i xDrive lets you guess the future M5. And, as the youngest m-performance model, is already fed up alone. First ride.

you barely see it. Almost inconspicuously he glistens in the sun. BMW has subtly adorned the M550i xDrive. You can see it on a pair of Matt anodized parts, or on the blue brake calipers with the M logo. The small lip on the tailgate hints delicately: a little more downforce is needed here.

The rear apron with the black tailpipe blinds also does not fall into the eye. But that which comes out penetrates the ear. Unmistakable V8, punchy and melodious. 4.4 Liters of displacement range thanks to BiTurbo charging for 462 hp and 650 Newton meter torque.

Or for much more: In the last M5, the V8 was good for up to 600 horsepower, and in the upcoming M5 it will do even more. How much exactly? We don’t know yet. Seen in this way, the M550i xDrive-the first strongest 5-is an appetizer for the M5. For at least 82,700 euros through a very expensive one, but also a very big one. Like sausage, Leberkäs ‘ and bread time at once. Who else needs a main dish?

BMW M550I XDRIVE: Soothing V8 Sound

But first slowly. With well 1,000 revolutions for example. Glide to the Fahrmodusschalter on comfort and relaxation. Very feels the M550i himself. He spelled not on the sleeve or pushes to hurry, he does not annoy with hardship or hectic. In the background babbles gently the V8. Almost soothing. The 5 also feathers soft and gently rolls off. The winter tires may help a little on 19-inches. The first exit took place in the mountains. Snow risk.

2019 Bmw 550i Xdrive

Now the summer rubbers on the optional 20-inches would be a better choice. It is mild, the streets are dry and curvy. Narrow hairpins follow wide bends, then medium-fast alternating curves.

The favorite position of the “Driving Experience switch”: sport-plus. In addition, the selector of the eight-turn automatic left tilted to “s” for extra crunchy switching operations with a jerk. And the three-stage DSC on “traction”. “Optimum traction with reduced driving stability” warns the info display on the finely leather dashboard. We know.

M550I: With all-wheel steering agile like A3

The V8 is pressing. Sovereign he pulls from deep down and turns effortlessly high. The flaps in the exhaust are now open, the V8 rumbles and gargles, sometimes it also pops off in the gas. The steering is perfectly weighted and informational. Bumps, holes, and edges easily penetrate the fingers. Just enough to develop trust, not too much to annoy. The integral active steering is working in the test-box. BMW offers you, together with the adaptive m LG professional, for 3,600 euros.

Lots of money, but it’s well invested. The M550i is a pretty thick hum. 1,885 kilos gives BMW an empty weight. With a length of 4.96 meters and a wheelbase of 2.98 meters, the steering rear tires do not damage. In the numerous, slow hairpin bends they strike against the front wheels and make the M550i xDrive felt one to a half numbers smaller. In the wide, fast corners he keeps track like the place.

Four-wheel drive with rear-weighted design

The winter tires may have taken him a little sharpness and directness, but the balance did not break them. Under taxes, the M550i barely knows. At most the DSC was sometimes too cautious. Despite traction mode, it sometimes regulated rigorously. We did not want to risk “off” in the face of melting water streams on the Alpine road.

Despite all-wheel drive. The M GmbH builds xDrive as standard in the M550i. Fully variable, an electronically controlled lamellar clutch distributes the moment between the front and rear axles. However, the M GmbH sets the system in such a way that the rear axle is preferred.

Would pure rear wheel drive be more beautiful? It’s possible, but it’s just goodbye to the performance business class. Mercedes-AMG offers E 43 and e 63 only with 4WD, Audi S6, and RS6 always. BMW will also bring the M5 with four-wheel drive-and with “drift mode”, which takes the front axle out of the game.

Parking by remote control, prefer to drive

He’s missing the M550i xDrive. But that would lead too far. The M-performance models are designed to bridge the gap between series and M models. The M550i xDrive meets this. The wonderfully processed interior is as cuddly and modern as in all other 5ern. The new infotainment works well and intuitively, the superfluous gesture control for volume or for call answering we do not need.

There is a full assistance package with a track holder, part autonomous driving with a lane change. Or parking by key remote control can be done at almost five meters long. But with more than step speed, we prefer to use the steering wheel itself. And the new M5? We can hardly wait, but the greatest hunger has breastfed the M550i xDrive. For now.

2019 BMW M550i xDrive Technical Specs

Drive: 4.4-liter V8 petrol with BiTurbo
Power: 462 hp (340 kw) @ 5,500 rpm
Torque: 650 nm at 1,800 – 4,750 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
0-100 km/h: 4.0 s
Maximum speed: 250 km/h (regulated)
Consumption: 8.9 l/100 km (NEDC)
CO2:204 g/km
Length: 4.962 m
Width: 1.868 m
Height: 1.467 m
Wheelbase: 2.975 m
Empty weight (EU): 1,885 kg
Luggage Storage: 530 L
Base price: from 82,700 euro

2019 BMW M550i xDrive Reviews; Release Date and Prices Pictures

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