2019 BMW X4 Release Date, Price, Trims & Redesign Interior

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 - BMW

After four years, BMW is Restyling the X4. It gets bigger, can pack more and should drive more dynamic. In addition, an M-model with diesel joins the line-up. Here is 2019 BMW X4 Review

2019 BMW X4 Redesign and Update

He only spent four years. In the year 2014 BMW brought the second so-called SUV coupe after the big X6 to the market with the X4 (F26). Now the detachment follows. This makes sense: The X4 is still based on the X3, and it has been rolling on the streets since last year in the youngest generation. Postponing the X4 later could lead to potential customers competing. They finally exist now.

So comes the new generation of X4, internal abbreviation: G02. The SUV with the sloping stern gets bigger and a bit more spacious. The weight will be reduced by about 50 kilos depending on the engine. The focus also moves downward for more driving dynamics. On a length of 4.75 meters, the new X4 now brings 525 to 1,430 litres of luggage. The predecessor could invite 500 to 1,400 liters and was only 4.67 meters long. In width, the new 2019 BMW X4 G02 attaches nearly four centimeters to 1.92 meters.

A good part of the extra length ends up between the axes. The wheelbase grows by five centimeters, BMW promises passengers on the bench almost three inches more space for the knees. The backrest can be relocated in a ratio of 40:20:40 and optionally put into a more upright position.

2019 BMW X4 Engine Trims; Petrol Engine, Diesel and Hybrid

To launch the market, BMW offers three gasoline and four diesel engines. The first step is the 2019 BMW X4 xDrive 20i with 184 PS. In the 30i, the four-cylinder petrol engine makes 252 Horsepower. The strongest petrol engine will be the 2019 BMW X4 M40i, which is to be in production from August onwards. Here works a 3.0-liter six cylinder with 360 hp. We already know from the X3 M40i.

2019 BMW X4 M40i Release Date

The diesel range includes the four-cylinder 20d and 25d-as well as the 30d with series six, which is also produced from August. For the first time, BMW also offers an M-performance version with Diesel in X4. The 2019 BMW X4 M40d brings 326 hp and 680 NM of torque from its 3.0-liter six-cylinder. At the same time, BMW is also bringing motorization to X3.

The petrol engines are equipped with Ottopartikelfilter, the diesel exhaust gases are cleaned by NOx Storage and SCR-catalyst with AdBlue. All engines meet the standard Euro 6d-temp, the consumption values were determined according to the new WLTP cycle and calculated on NEDC. BMW initially combines all four-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic motors. Other engines are not planned – only the X4 m (F98) is still on. He should be waiting for about a year.

In terms of equipment options, BMW is focused on the freshly presented X2. As with the small brother, the variants XLine and M sport come with the equipment M Sports x. Wheel, side sills and parts on the front and stern are grey here. At M Sport, sills and wheel are painted in car color. Front and rear aprons are slightly different from the equipment.

2019 BMW X4 Interior

Technically, the equipment versions do not differ from each other. The x4 always comes with M-sport suspension and variable sport steering. As standard, the X4 rolls on 18-inch large tires, XLine, M Sport and M Sport x come with 19-inch wheels. A maximum of 21 tariffs can be ordered. An adaptive suspension and larger brakes are available at an additional cost.

The two M-performance models M40i and M40d match BMW tauter than the civil variants and set them on 20-inches. They stop as standard with the M-Sport brakes and feature the M-Sport differential on the rear axle. The adaptive M-sport chassis is available as an option.

In infotainment and assistance systems, BMW brings the X4, as before the X5, almost to the state of the 5ers. With “Driving Assistant plus” The X4 up to 210 km/h keeps the track independently, between 70 and 180 km/h He also switches the track by blinking command. However, the X4 cannot be parked by key remote control alone.

2019 BMW X4 Release Date and Price

In March, the new 2019 BMW X4 will be presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show. It is built like the predecessor of the factory in the American Spartanburg. We expect the first models to arrive at the dealers in the summer. Then the xDrive 20i will form the entry point for 49,700 euro. The new M40d costs at least 70,900 euro.

2019 BMW X4 Pricelist

  • X4 xDrive 20i: 2.0-L-four-cylinder petrol engine, 184 hp, 290 nm, 7.1 l (163 g CO2), 49,700 euro
  • X4 xDrive 30i: 2.0-L-four-cylinder petrol engine, 252 hp, 350 nm, 7.2 l (164 g CO2), 56,300 euro
  • X4 M40i: 3.0-L-six cylinder petrol engine, 360 hp, 500 nm, 9.0 l (209 g CO2), from August
  • X4 xDrive 20d: 2.0-L-four-cylinder diesel, 190 hp, 400 nm, 5.4 l (142 g CO2), 52,500 euro
  • X4 xDrive 25d: 2.0-L-four-cylinder diesel, 231 hp, 500 nm, 5.5 l (145 g CO2), 56,200 euro
  • X4 xDrive 30d: 3.0-L-Six cylinder diesel, 265 HP, 620 nm, 5.9 L (156 g CO2), from August
  • X4 M40d: 3.0-L-six cylinder diesel, 326 hp, 680 nm, 6.4 l consumption (170 g CO2), 70,900 euro

2019 BMW X4 Release Date, Price, Trims & Redesign Interior Pictures

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