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2019 Honda CBR500R & CB500F | The different twins: sports carina or naked. Two compact roads and with the same engine, both take the look and are also designed for the new centaurs with an A2 license

At first glance, the 2019 Honda CBR500R and the 2019 Honda CB500F may look like two totally different bikes, but they share a lot more than their looks let you think. They are in fact two bikes that are based on a common base, which includes many technical elements, although one comes with a sporty look inspired by the Fireblade, while the other has attractive lines from naked, which are confirmed to drive, since it is lively, but also suitable for everyday use.

Both wink at the pilots holding A2 driving license, as well as that more adult rider audience with a little experience. The Honda CBR500 R is inspired by the stylistic concepts of the major super sports sisters and is dedicated to fans who come perhaps from a lower displacement bike and looking for something not too demanding, but with the right sporty DNA from Superbike.

Turning to the naked Honda, the CB500F shares with the sister carbonate the engine and the chassis, but differs for the appearance of real naked, with strong lines that highlight the technical and mechanical aspects of the bike, with a series of updates compared to the previous version, presented in not far 2016. Excellent as an entry-level for those who approach for the first time on two wheels, and who wants to enter this world with a low cost. The Honda CB500F also boasts very low fuel consumption and is ideal for an audience attentive to the reduction of running costs.


The innovations for the 2019 models make the two bikes definitely more appealing. Starting with the 2019 Honda CBR500R, which sports a truly great look. The restyling has been well studied and is deep: it has a new fairing and close in shape to the larger displacement bikes, as demonstrated by the more aggressive and decisive design, including the new aerodynamic wings, clearly inspired by the Fireblade series, with a quality of the plastics really impeccable.

2019 Honda CB500F Fuel Economy

Appreciable the fairing and the classic-cut fairing, which houses the finely sculpted double full-LED headlights and make a fitting tribute to the ancestor, with a silhouette that in some ways recalls the older sister. The height of the saddle is 785 mm, the slender sides and the particular shape of the 17-liter tank, 1 liter allow you to rest your feet well on the ground. Valuable and functional indicators of direction, which allow reducing the consumption of electricity, thanks to a lower current absorption. Very nice also the new LCD instrumentation to the negative backlight, which provides the driver with all necessary information clearly, in all weather and light conditions.

n the new version of the 2019 Honda CBR500R the handlebars have been mounted under the upper steering plate, giving a more effective driving position in sports driving. In this way, the setting is more loaded forward increasing the feeling, while the one-piece handlebar of the CB500F, typical from naked, leads to the feeling of a front a little ‘more exhaust.

Moving on to the naked Honda, the CB500F is easy and intuitive to drive, thanks to its compact size and a height of 789 mm from the ground, 4 more than the 2019 Honda CBR500R, but always ensuring the ability to rest your feet on the ground without effort. From the point of view of style, we find taut lines and a modern design, emphasized by full-LED projectors with new direction indicators, always with the same technology. The side conveyors blend perfectly with the tank (also in this case 17.1 liters), highlighting the engine, while the covers on the sides and the saddle delineate even more the attitude of a young streetfighter. Also new is the dual-output exhaust terminal, definitely more appealing.

Just take a look at the LCD instrumentation to understand that it is the same that sports the CBR500R. Obviously the refined handlebar, wide the right, biconical in aluminum that ensures control and excellent driving comfort. This bike aims a lot on agility, energy saving and ease of use. However, the absence of aerodynamic guards exposes the driver more easily to the wind and makes him more inclined to tire, but it is part of the type of choice that will make those who choose a sports bike or a more comfortable to drive.

2019 Honda CBR500R & CB500F

As for the chassis, the two Honda CBR500R and CB500F share the same steel frame with a diamond structure. Speaking of odds, for both the new Honda models the steering head is inclined at 25 °, with a 102 mm trail. Technical features that translate into a bike capable of agility and stability at the same time, thanks also to the interspace of 1,410 mm. The weight for the Sportiva CBR500R is 192 kg with the full, while for the naked it stops at 189. Three kilos less, justified by the absence of the hulls, which allows you to see the twin-cylinder of the golden wing.

For both models at the front, we find a telescopic fork with 41 mm diameter stems with a stroke of 120 mm, while the rear axle works a single tube mono-shock, typical of sports bikes to be clear. The latter is equipped with 5 spring preload adjustments and is fixed to the box-type steel swingarm with pro-link linkage.

The brakes department sees at the front a disc with a 320 mm daisy profile and two-piston caliper, while at the rear there is a 240 mm disc and single piston caliper.  The ABS has an intervention that is non-invasive, driven towards sportiness and the containment of the stopping spaces. Both bikes travel on 17 ” wheels, die-cast aluminum 6-spoke, equipped respectively with 120/70 tires on the front and rear 160/60.

2019 Honda CBR500R & CB500F Engine Specs

Small and compact, the liquid cooled parallel twin, which Honda chose for both the 2019 Honda CBR500R sports model and its naked sister, had an increase in power and torque of 4% , thanks to a valve timing magazine, that anticipate the closure by 5 °, making the engine more docile, but ready to accelerate from low regimes. The 48 horsepower at 8,600 rpm and a torque of 43 Nm to 6,500, can be enough to have fun and, at the end of the test, we can confirm it, on the road are enough and advance, especially for those who are beginners, but not only.

The 4-valve per cylinder engine is coupled to a 6-speed gearbox, while now the clutch is assisted with anti-skid, with a reduction of effort when operating the lever and always ensuring grip control between the ground and the rear wheel in case of sudden climbs, with a better feeling even at the corner exit.

Among the other more significant peculiarities that of the mantle of the pistons with streaks, which create openings in which the oil can flow in a more homogeneous, improving lubrication. The engine has also optimized the efficiency of airflows, making them as straight as possible from the airbox to the flickering bodies. This solution, although not unpublished, has allowed obtaining a particularly full-bodied and linear delivery.

The bore and stroke measurements, respectively 67 × 66.8 mm, have been chosen because they guarantee optimum torque delivery and a capacity to reach high rotational speeds. The timing shaft of the crankshaft is 180 ° and there is also a primary balancer shaft, positioned behind the cylinder, close to the center of gravity of the motorcycle, which then detects guessed from all points of view.

2019 Honda CBR500R & CB500F Test Ride

One of the objectives declared by Honda, during the definition of these new models, was to propose two new schemes, both from a technical point of view and from a design point of view. As we approach the two bikes we will use for our road test, a feeling of quality is evident, given the choice of materials and plastics used, perfectly matched and made to make these two new Honda home arrivals unique in their kind. The restyling, both for the CBR500R and the CB500 F, has indeed been meticulous, as evidenced by the new design, more aggressive and decided for the Honda home nude and more sporty and attractive for the CBR500R.

In short, there is substance, perceptible more than anything else by looking closely at them. But here we are finally at the dynamic part of our test. Climbed in the saddle you feel a feeling of comfort and welcome; the driving position is well collected and the ergonomics in the saddle are optimal, both for medium-sized pilots and for those who exceed 1.80 m. The seat for the CBR500R is from the ground 785 mm, 789 mm for the naked and this facilitates the steady support of the feet on the ground.

The driving position of the two bikes is quite similar, the handlebar is wide and raised for the CB500F and the handlebars for the CBR500R. Get on the two new Honda home arrivals and everything is there at your fingertips, it seems like your bike has always been there. The new fully digital backlit LCD instrumentation shows all the necessary information, readable at a glance.

We turn on the two-cylinder and we leave. The engine is quiet and discreet: just insert the first gear and release the clutch to realize the ease of driving of this vehicle. The clutch, soft and precise, is used very little because the two-cylinder takes over without hesitation even at low speeds. In the street, the two “different sisters” move smoothly and untangle themselves in traffic with ease, thanks also to their wide steering angle. The engine has a smooth and very regular delivery, guaranteeing an easy and smooth ride, even in sections of tight hairpin bends. It does not frighten and does not put in awe either the first-rate motorcyclist, but not even the female clientele, more and more attentive to the ease of use and the price-performance ratio. The propeller is always ready and with a good extension when needed, has an excellent output, is fluid and adjust to all regimes, and the torque is always available in any gear.

Even when you force the pace a bit, the two-cylinder Honda home behaves with dignity and shows good stability along the fast corners, showing a good elasticity and a convincing boost to the mid-range. As for the braking system, one can not be satisfied because, despite the single 320 mm front disc, braking is powerful and the ABS is well calibrated. Bring it on a medium-tight mixed second and third gear, like a beautiful hill route that we have used for our test in Tenerife, and he will feel at home. The precise and stable front end ensures a sincere feeling, ensuring safe and precise driving, without stress. The front end is agile in insertion, precise in distance and in the rear output curve provides good traction, thanks to the well-tuned suspension, also for the mixed-use sp or tivo.

2019 Honda CBR500R & CB500F Pricing

These are two easy, fun and well-made bikes. The 2019 Honda CBR500R is probably more sporty and captivated, with a more loaded front-end drive. Honda, with this new model, has made a big leap forward in terms of look, given that it is more and more clearly inspired by the older sister Fireblade. The CB500F pays the price of being exposed to the air, as indeed on all the naked, with the elbows a little ‘out and only annoying in the long run. No one can recommend which of the two bikes to buy, it is just a matter of choosing between naked and sporty, everything depends on the use that will be made and personal tastes.

The price of these two new bikes is $7,093 for the CB500F while for the more sporty CBR500R the price is $7770 The colors available are: Grand Prix Red, Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White for naked, while the Supersportiva is available in the following colors: Grand Prix Red and matte Axis Gray Metallic.

Stay tuned on the pages of Infomotori, because soon we will tell our test also in the video, while we are already riding the third sister, the CB500X, which we will write as soon as we have finished driving it!

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