2019 Mercedes X-Class Review; Specs, Performance, Towing, Price

Monday, March 25th, 2019 - Mercedes Benz

A construction worker in the finest twist: Mercedes is building a Midsize pick-up. The 2019 Mercedes X-Class gets technology from Renault and Nissan, but feels very different.

In Asia, Africa, and South America, Midsize pickups are part of everyday life. The mini-trucks carry pretty much everything that can be lashing in some way: crates, cows or camels. Whole families go to the nearest town on the open platform. The segment makes up around two million vehicle sales worldwide – per year.

A lucrative business. Especially if you, as a manufacturer, save money by developing and producing together with others. Mercedes, therefore, does not build its own pick-up. The X-class is technically similar to the Nissan Navara and the Renault Alaskan. All three of them run in Barcelona from the band.

Of course, Mercedes would still like to stand out. So no sheet is like those of the brothers. The Stuttgart even went so far as to make the body five centimeters wider. This means that the windscreen cannot be used together.

In the interior, the design of the dashboard reminds of the V-class. Same instruments, same switch strip, same free-standing display. “We wanted to create a coming-home feeling,” says Kai Siebert, design manager Mercedes-Benz vans. Unfortunately, for cost reasons, it has been omitted to make the steering column adjustable in the longitudinal direction as well. This does not fit all and sometimes prevents an optimal seating position.

2019 Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck Canada

The X-class is available exclusively as a double cabin, i.e. as a five. That costs loading on the flatbed. The pick-up is suitable as a family car. At all, Mercedes wants to position the X-class more towards private customers. The price list is accordingly varied, especially for materials and decorative parts.

The customer can choose between three lines of equipment. They are called pure, progressive and power. The latter makes the X-Class A small luxury truck. It is clear that the price will be reflected. In general, you should not take the entry of 37,295 euros for bare coins. So much costs a meager base model in drab outfit, without chrome and bling-bling, with 163 hp, manual and rear wheel drive. Friends should be more likely with prices around the 50,000 euros.

First, only four cylinders in the X-class

We drove the 190-PS version with six-speed automatic and switchable all-wheel drive. The x 250d costs at least 41,781 euros. 450 Newton-meters bring the two-ton X-class to a brisk trot and provide sufficient elasticity. It’s surprising how firm and solid the X-class works, how quiet and comfortable it is to drive.

“We have driven a great deal of effort in noise reduction and chassis tuning,” says development engineer Christophe Pierron. The X-class received a wider rear axle, a different geometry, and other bearings compared to Navara and Alaskan. All with the aim of increasing comfort and driving stability. Even longer motorway routes should be possible.

In the border area, the X-class is mainly in the city. It measures 5.34 meters in length. That’s more than the S-class brings to the streets in the long version. Added to this are 1.92 meters wide and 1.82 meters high. The car is a neat chunk. One is thankful for every sensor and the standard 360 camera, which makes the bump-free shunting even more bearable.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Towing Capacity

Most customers are expected to take advantage of the X-class as a commercial vehicle with car talents. One for the large construction site or the horticulture business. The other to take his cross-motorbike on a weekend tour or to pull a heavy hanger. 1.1 tonnes allows Mercedes as a maximum load. This is unlikely to be achieved in average private use. Unless you packed the bunk with bricks.

Boat and horse owners can look forward to a trailer load of up to 3.5 tonnes. And a strong six-cylinder self-igniter. In the summer of 2018, Mercedes wants to reach a V6 with 258 HP, 7-speed automatic and a newly developed four-wheel drive.

Mercedes X-Class: Specs

Model: Mercedes X-Class 250d 4Matic
Engine: 2.3-liter-four-cylinder turbo diesel
Power: 190 hp (140 kw) @ 3,750 rpm
Torque: 450 Nm at 1,500 – 2,500 rpm
0 – 100 km/h: 11.8 s
Maximum speed: 175 km/h
Consumption: 7.9 L/100 km (NEDC)
Length: 5.34 metres
Latitude: 1.92 metres
Height: 1.82 metres
Wheelbase: 3.15 metres
Load: 1.067 kg
Towing load: 3.5 tonnes
Base price x 220d 4Motion: 41,781 euro – 2017
Base price X-class: 37,295 euro – 2017

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