2019 Nissan Patrol Specs, Engine & More – LEGENDARY SUV!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 - Nissan

Here is The New Update of 2019 Nissan Patrol. The Nissan Patrol is a legend among the SUVs. In Here, he is no longer offered, but in many desert states. He fits in well. Soft leather, ventilated seats and a bearded eight-cylinder. Sheiks love this Nissan. The Patrol is not a soft-washed SUV, but a true SUV with plenty of power . Where he can not get away, only one Unimog comes through.

Since 1951, Nissan has been selling the heavy off-road vehicle, initially as a pure military vehicle. Since 1960, the Japanese call him patrol. The – after Nissan counting way – sixth generation type Y62 is built since 2010 and is a genuine offroader with a large, fine interior. If one of them can hold his own, maybe the Range Rover or the New Mercedes G-Class. But even these two models seem almost dainty next to the Patrol.

The Patrol has not been sold here since 2009. For the SUV finds, inter alia, in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain rousing sales. So wherever there is not much fuel and there is enough space for parking . Because at 5.31 meters, the patrol towers over an S-Class. Even with a width of 2.26 meters, the SUV hardly fits in standard parking garages.

2019 Nissan Patrol Engine Specs

The engines are a 4.0-liter V6 petrol engine with 279 hp and a 5.6-liter V8 with 405 hp to choose from. At an off-road event in Morocco Nissan had the V8 with it – a good choice. After starting, the engine humming only briefly and then falls into lethargy, at least acoustically. The selector lever of the seven-speed automatic easily slips into gear position D and the colossus , weighing at least 2.8 tonnes , slowly begins to move.

bustle is not his thing. Although the Patrol would run at a speed of 100 km/ h in 6.6 seconds when kicked-off from a standstill, and drive up to 210 km / h if necessary. But better fits the SUV a quiet driving style . Then neither disturb the heavily translated steering with the low road feedback nor the buttery soft leather seats without any lateral support or cornering strongly tilting body .

2019 Nissan Patrol Diesel MPG and Horsepower

There is room for up to seven people in the 2019 Nissan Patrol, but there are only four comfortably. They can then enjoy enough leg and headroom, soft seats and a well-functioning ventilation. In addition, there is a high-quality interior for Nissan, which is lined with lots of leather, aluminum and wood . A nice idea are the electrically folding exterior mirrors with backward synchronization and the LED floor lamp.

But all that is forgotten when it goes to the sand. Sheikhs and other inhabitants of Arab countries appreciate the off-road capability – and presuppose it. At least once a month, a family on average goes to the desert for camping, off-road or hawk hunting.

The off-road vehicles do not serve as show vehicles as in europe cities, but are actually fought hard. Even for motorsport or horse trailer, the Patrol is not too bad, pulls up to 3.5 tons .

With a twist on the throttle, the response of the permanent four-wheel drive changes, depending on which of the programs road, rocks, snow and sand is applied. Engine and transmission control and the electronic driving aids then adapt, the driver only has to gently operate the accelerator pedal and turn the steering wheel.

Then, despite its high curb weight, the 2019 Nissan Patroleffortlessly digs through loose sand, casually swallows bumps, and even loosely traverses half-meter-deep rivers. In the interior, the air conditioning cools the occupants pleasantly and offers in the large storage compartment in the center armrest a few cool drinks. This way you can endure hours of desert travel.

Back on the road, the Nissan knocks the sand from the body in the first corner, bends slightly to the side and shakes off briefly. The high rolling noise of the 275er tires on 20-inch wheels register passengers only with the window open. A few assistance systems help on the road: an active cruise control is integrated as well as reversing camera, all-round warning and dead-angle-Warner. He can no longer compete with modern vehicles such as the Range Rover and Mercedes models mentioned above.

For the big 2019 Nissan Patrol V8 other vehicles do not overtake, at least not on open track and in countries where the fuel does not cost much. With the specified 14.5 liters per 100 kilometers, self-restrained drivers do not get far, 16 are always.

One reason why the Patrol is no longer offered in here? Nearly. In addition to its sheer size, which would seem out of place in Europe, the engines no longer fit the local legal situation. The two gasoline engines only make Euro 4.

2019 Nissan Patrol Specs, Engine & More – LEGENDARY SUV! Pictures

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