2019 Volvo V60 Redesign, Release Date, Price – REVIEW UPDATE

Friday, January 25th, 2019 - Volvo

Now it’s out: Shortly before the premiere of the 2019 Volvo V60, first pictures appeared on the internet. It looks like a mixture of XC60 and V90-exactly as expected.

This is something that was presented to Volvo differently. Next Wednesday (21 February) The new V60 will be officially revealed. Swedish home in Stockholm. Now it became unofficially the Internet. The Bosnian magazine Automotosvijet had published pictures which apparently come from the product brochure for the V60. Other media retreated.

The surprise is not great. The new model of the V60 takes on the slender line of the bigger brother V90 but brings a little more hip momentum. Analogous to the mid-range SUV XC60. The window line also gets a small upward bend. The well-known led signature, which Volvo calls “Thor’s Hammer”, lights up at the front of the V60. The rear lights form an “L” As for the V90, but the LED strips are divided in the middle once.

Exterior Dimensions & Changes

Like the V90, the V60 is based on Volvo’s self-developed SPA platform (for Scalable Product Architecture). At 4.761 meters in length, it is about 22 centimeters shorter than the V90. The recently expired V60 of the first generation, he towers over four centimeters, builds wider and flatter. The wheelbase increased significantly with 2.87 meters, This benefits the passengers in the second row. The V60 offers plenty of legroom at the rear, but high flanks make it difficult for riders to get started. The middle course can adults only for short distances, the Kardantunnel robs much space here. With its dimensions is also to explain why the collapsible compartment between the front seats far less precipitous than the opulent center console suggests.

The trunk holds with 510 liters significantly more than that of its predecessor. In the floor, a movable room divider is embedded. With folded rear seatbacks the Swede swallows up to 1,441 liters. The backrests fall over a remote control at the rear opening automatically. The sub-menu of the infotainment system also allows the rear headrests to be set flat – probably for the better rear view. The overview is generally passable, only the wide and slightly inclined back B-pillar blocks the view of the shoulder to the left.

2019 Volvo V60 Wagon Specs

2019 Volvo V60 Redesign Interior

Inside, the V60 is a Scandinavian boutique hotel. Furnishing in white leather, inserts in light wood, an up-mounted touchscreen and plenty of daylight over the panoramic glass roof (3,000 euros in the package). All materials feel comfortable, but generously lined is only the armrest on the door panel.

In the front seats (with a small Swedish flag as a label) there are far more adjustment options in our test car than usual: the leg rest can be extended. The side cheeks are narrow at the touch of a button (seat comfort package 2,700 euros). This does not make the chair a real sports seat, but it lacks lateral support in the upper area. The basic position of the front seats is relatively high, the back seat was a bit too low for some passengers. The seats of the second row cannot be adjusted. After all, the passengers can control the temperature of their personal “climate zone” and the seat heating via a central control element (850 euros in the climate package).

Which somehow does not want to fit into the harmonious interior of the test car: the glittering surface of driving dynamics and volume control on the center console. Too feminine for a Volvo, too much Blingbling for a cool Sweden. And nowhere else in the entire car to find in similar form.

Most functions are controlled via the screen on the center console. Real buttons and controls are only available for volume and the basic functions of the air conditioning. The design is similar to an upended Tablet – and is basically so operated. The way through the menu is not particularly complex, but the individual menu pages show numerous sub-points at once. Without taking the view from the street, so little goes here.

Alternatively, some settings and the address input for the navigation system can be operated by voice control. The is not as a casual interlocutor as the recently introduced by Mercedes system, but with slower and more pronounced spokesman understands the Volvo at some point.

Engine Specs, Transmission & Performance

The engine offer for the Volvo V60 is still not complete. One thing is certain: Something other than 2.0-liter four-cylinder does not come into the engine compartment of this station wagon. In the gasoline engines, there is currently next to a 250-horsepower variant with front-wheel drive (T5 with turbocharger) a 310 hp version with all-wheel drive (T6 with turbocharger and compressor). From the end of 2018, the 190 hp T4 is the entry. Then Volvo will put the gasoline engine also e-motors aside: The V60 comes as a plug-in hybrid with an output of 340 hp (T6 Twin Engine) or 390 hp (T8 Twin Engine).

In the case of diesel, a 150 hp version of the 2.0-liter engine is available at the lower end (D3). In the four-wheel variant, a second turbocharger is added. So also in the tested D4 model, where 190 hp is available at 4,250 revolutions. The maximum torque of 400 NM is constant from 1,750 to 2,500 revolutions. The feeling can be reasonably working with the diesel in the (for diesel ratios) wide band from about 2,000 to just under 5,000 turns.

Unexciting gliding fits best to the character of this car and to the operation of the eight-speed automatic transmission. It lays down gently and early, does not bang even in the sharp driving mode, the gears properly. With a moderate and constant accelerator pedal position, the system does everything right. But with the weight of the right foot decreases the accuracy in the gear selection. Abrupt kickdowns sometimes lead to longer pauses for thought.

Sporty drivers should therefore also consider the variant with the six-speed manual transmission (in the tested D4 with front-wheel drive standard, not combinable with all-wheel drive). Urgent representatives could also think about the potent gasoline engine. The Top diesel with the 1,844 kilograms Volvo is not easy. Consumption remains at around 9 to 10 liters in tough city traffic and around 7 to 8 liters on highway and highway in the frame, the manufacturer’s specification of 4.7 liters, the onboard computer will rarely show

The chassis of the Volvo V60 irons many without ever becoming a swing. The difference between the driving modes Comfort (basic position) and dynamics can be noticed only on the hard Berlin cobblestones. In addition to the operation of the damper, driving program affects the steering resistance, the characteristic of the accelerator pedal and – the latter is less common on the market – the response of the brake. In a sharp mode, the pressure point comes earlier and more clearly defined.

The Volvo on the center console and the choices in the submenu is not really toxic. The stability screen can be made more phlegmatic via the central screen. Then the tendency to understeer falls on the accelerating out of narrower curves tightens the drive noticeably at the wheel. You buy this Volvo for gliding, not for heating. What bothers you when relaxed miles on the highway a bit: Volvo steering is (in each mode) around the middle position extremely direct and the next lane so that only a short twitch.

Safety & Assistance System

One can leave the steering work to the electronics. The V60 offers two options: The lane departure warning sees itself rather as a last lifeline and engages when the outside mirror already protrudes over the white line. Closer to the autonomy is the pilot-assist function (in the package from 1,750 euros). Here the system keeps the station wagon in the middle of the track. In addition, the car hangs here on the adaptive cruise control to the vehicle in front, accelerates and brakes automatically.

The pilot-assist operates between 0 and 130 km / h. The higher you move in this speed frame, the sooner the camera identifies the guidelines. A green steering wheel icon in the digital speedometer and head-up display indicates when the system is ready. You should not rely blindly on it. Sometimes the Volvo lost the track a few seconds before the symbol went out.

Our V60 came with 360-degree camera system with lenses on each side of the vehicle (from 570 euros). The image displayed on the center screen looks like the image of a drone hovering above the car. Parallel parking works really well, rearward maneuvering in narrow courtyards as well. Only when threading in a rectangular parking space strange images arise, here you are sometimes better off with the help of mirrors.

2019 Volvo V60 Release Date: Market launch in July 2018

The engine offer is expected to include the well-known four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines for the market launch in July 2018. At the D3 with 150 Hp It will go off, D4 and D5 are also set. The gasoline offer will include the T4 (190 Horsepower) and the T5 (250 Horsepower) as well as the T6 (310 hp). Also comes the plug-in hybrid T8. Most engines will be available with all-wheel drive.

We expect that Volvo will also offer the new three-cylinder petrol engine with 156 hp as T3 for the market launch. A smaller plug-in gasoline would also be logical. Finally, Volvo intends to expand its supply of electrified models in the coming years. The diesel plug-in hybrids that are currently still available in the V60 are falling away.

Of course, Volvo doesn’t reveal prices yet. If the Swedes take over the strategy from the XC60 and offer the V60 momentum only starting with the equipment, prospective customers should expect approximately 35,000 euros for the T3. Official data and nicer pictures of the2019 Volvo V60 for 2018 are already available in a few days.


Volvo offers the V60 in three trim levels. The basic version “Momentum” includes LED headlights with high-beam assistant, the multifunction steering wheel, and traffic sign recognition. In this variant, the V60 starts with 150 hp diesel (D3) and six-speed manual transmission at 40,100 euros.

The tested by us D4 starts as momentum at 43,300 euros (with automatic at 45,500 euros). The two overlying equipment lines are priced close to each other. “R-Design” (from 44,950 euros in the base D3, from 50,350 euros in the D4 with automatic) should please customers with sporting demands and comes with 15 millimeters lower chassis, sports steering wheel and 18-inch wheels).

A D4 Inscription as our test car starts at 49,750 euros (from 44,350 euros with D3 base engine). There is slightly more nobility for this than in R-Line models. In addition to the chrome on the grille and roof rail including leather steering wheel and seats (with heated seats in front) and the Drive Mode driving modes, the selection is standard.

Most of what makes our Swedes really fine costs extra. The panoramic sliding sunroof comes with the Xenium Package Pro (3,000 Euro) in combination with leather on the dashboard and head-up display. The Pilot Assist comes (among others) in conjunction with Blind Spot Assist in the IntelliSafe Pro package to 1,750 euros. Nappa leather cover and the extensive adjustment options of the front seats come in the package at 2,700 euros. The infotainment system with Bowers & Wilkins boxes is with 2,460 euros in the surcharge list. In total, Volvo estimates for the tested V60 D4 Inscription 72,530 euros. As an alternative to buying and leasing, the manufacturer offers a kind of flat rate rent.

The German station wagon competition is more expensive, said Volvo at the presentation of the V60. That is true to equipment-adjusted. The Audi A4 Avant currently starts at 38,650 euros (for the 2.0-liter diesel with 150 hp and six-speed manual transmission). The comparable with our test model 190 hp TDI with dual-clutch transmission starts at 44,000 euros.

But Audi’s nomenclature is changing. After the model year change, the Ingolstädter concerned will appear as 35 TDI and 40 TDI in the configurator, probably at slightly different prices. The BMW 3 Series Touring starts as 136 hp strong 318i (petrol engine) at 35,100 euros. For the 320 dx-drive with 190 diesel horsepower and automatic, the prices start at 46,800 euros, but here already with all-wheel drive. The T-model of the C-Class offers Mercedes from around 36,700 euros (with 129 hp petrol and 6-speed manual). The 194 hp diesel (C 220 d) with automatic starts at around 44,000 euros.

Can the Volvo look more than good? Yes: float. Relaxed you come in hardly any other Kombi to the destination. In addition: load. In the back, there is enough space and thoughtful solutions. But who wants to combine sports and backpack will be only partially happy with middle-class Sweden. Its design is too conservative (in any driving mode), its weight too high. The most powerful diesel (D4) will be sufficient for most in everyday life, is quiet and economical enough – although the standard fuel consumption levels are practically impossible to achieve. If you drive with a lot of pressure on the highway, you should think about one of the stronger petrol engines or even wait for the powerful plug-in hybrid variants.


  • Model: Volvo V60 D4 Inscription
  • Engine: 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel
  • Power: 190 hp (140 kW)
  • Torque: 400 Nm
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic, front-wheel drive
  • 0-100 km / h: 7.9 s
  • Top speed: 220 km / h
  • Consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km
  • CO2: 119 g / km
  • Emission standard: Euro 6 d-Temp
  • Length: 4,761 m
  • Width 1,850 m
  • Height: 1,427 m
  • Wheelbase: 2,872 m
  • Curb weight: 1,844 kg
  • Boot space: 529 to 1,441 l
  • Base price Volvo V60: from 40,100 euros
  • Base price D4 Inscription: from 49,750 euros
  • Price test vehicle: 72,530 euros

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