2019 Volvo V60 VS Mercedes C-Class; Interesting Result

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 - Mercedes Benz, Volvo

2019 Volvo V60 VS Mercedes C-Class – Volvo has reissued its middle-class estate V60, lifted the 2019 Mercedes C-Class. Both debut in Geneva. Can the Benz still match? A first comparison of the Auto Show.

They both look in Geneva – modern. At least from the outside. While they split about four years. So long, Mercedes builds the c-class of series 205 already. Now revised it. Volvos competitor, however, is still quite fresh. The V60 rolls only in July to the dealers. Can the Mercedes still match? We have compared the two middle-class station wagons in Geneva.


Not only four years, but also Six centimeters separate c class and V60. 4.70 meters of Daimler is not small, but the V60 is growing in the new generation of 4.76 meters. This can be crucial in finding parking. That the c-class compact impact lies mainly in the design. Less beading and more curves can be gentler and less than they seem.

The 2019 Volvo V60 takes his slimline larger brother V90. Beading and edges make it more stringent. The upwards, L-shaped LED taillights and the tear-off edge on the trunk lid have the rear larger than that of the Mercedes.

The design is a matter of taste, other than hard data. The Volvo trunk contains between 529 and 1,364 liters, the Benz 490 to 1.510 liters. Especially when laid flat back seat, the Benz so invites more. Who is like the most, more often in five configurations, gets more baggage in the V60.

2019 Mercedes C-Class Interior Features

Both offer plenty of space on the rear seats. For adults up to 1.80 m tall fit knee and headroom. The seats of the Volvo fair play more tightly enclose the passengers and are softer padded. The Benz surprised, however, with firmer cushions.


The best place in the Volvo is front left. The steering wheel is easy to handle, has a notch for the thumb at three and nine o’clock. Also, you can feel the buttons for the entertainment (right) and the cruise control light (left). The round instruments in the V60 issued now digital. The display is clear and straightforward and gives a sharp image. The beige leather interior the Interior is pleasantly bright.

Pleasant: The small gear selector for the automatic on the center tunnel taking away little space. Behind it, you will find the start-stop button and the dial for the driving modes. Glass, aluminum, and plastic feel high-quality, the gaps are minimal. Volvo of also the 9.2-inch touchscreen has clean vertically integrated into the dashboard. Buttons and knobs largely dispense with the Volvo. The most assistance systems can be operated via the Panel.

The entertainment system-class acts, however, old. The screen measures now up to 10.25 inches (standard are 7 inches). But elegantly mounted monitor has no effect. Mercedes established the solution so that the dashboard can be constructed in less solid. Well, yes. The open-pored wood decor feels nice and looks of the principle produced precious. In the exhibitors chose Mercedes black wood, which puts something on the mood.


The new multifunction steering wheel with grip leather is well in hand. Cruise control (left) and entertainment system (right) can now be operated with the thumb. As in the other new series hold the touch buttons on the spokes. Mercedes uses the steering wheel in the S-class, the CLS and even in the Next a-class in.

The 2019 Mercedes C-Class must wait for the full digital cockpit of the A-class until the generation change. And also the widescreen display from S or E-class is still missing. There is the c-class with analog instruments and 5.5 inches wide info display in between. As an option, Mercedes offers a 12.3-inch display for the instruments.

Mercedes typically is the small gear selector for the automatic behind the steering wheel. This keeps the center console free for the well-known controller rotary press control. The touchpad, which arrives in the CLS does not get the c-class.

Volvo stands for safety. Some assistance systems are standard equipment on board, such as the system for an emergency brake with pedestrian, cyclist and wildlife identification. The semi-autonomous pilot assist (extra charge) have the Swedes developed, whether he is now more intuitive controls, must still show up.

Mercedes offers factory fewer assistants, goes ahead but autonomous part clearly. The revised c-class can everything can the S-class for an additional fee. The improved Distronic recognizes speed limit and the speed before curves, fits on roundabouts or junctions.

On roads with at least two lanes in one direction, the c-class via indicator tip changes the track independently. As we know from the S-class and CLS, it works perfectly and pleasantly unobtrusive.


The new Volvo V60 euros at least 40.100for market launch in the summer. Then works a 2.0-liter diesel with 150 Horsepower under the hood. It ranks the stronger D4 with 190 HP for 43.300 euro. For the time being the only petrol engine is the T6 with 310 Horsepower, the cheaper three-cylinder 1.5 based gasoline with 156 PS comes later. Volvo pushes two powerful plug-in hybrids (340 and 390 HP) in the course of the year.

The engine range of the c-class shows significantly large four years after the market launch of the generation of 205. Actually. But the market launch in July, the model care only as C200 with 184 PS as C220d (194 HP) and AMG comes C 43 4Matic (390 Horsepower).

The new, small gasoline engine is interesting. Daimler combines a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with a 48-volt electrical system derived from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder (M 264) and belt-driven Starter/generator. For a short time, an electric motor provides 14 HP Boostleistung and 160 Newton meters of torque. More engines, including a 2.0-litre version of the against and Mercedes at the end of the year slide after a gas and a diesel plug-in hybrid.


Exact prices have not yet called Mercedes. Currently, the costs C 200 T 38,400 euros, the C 220 d starts just above the V60 D3 and is somewhat stronger. If Volvo brings the base engine, the 2019 Volvo V60 is probably slightly cheaper. Last Volvo was equal equipment and motorization mostly below by Mercedes. You will see.

It is clear: four years have left their mark on the c-class by. Especially in the infotainment, the time flies. The c-class shows how hard it is the automakers to keep the connection. Volvo is the time with Sensus connects on the height. And the control will work very intuitively. But you have to like touch screens. Processing and quality in the Interior of the V60 are winning also a few centimeters. However, the engines of the c-class Mercedes makes you fit. Especially the small gasoline engine with EQ boost in the 200 C is interesting. Volvo offers only diesel and a large gasoline engine to start.

2019 Volvo V60 VS Mercedes C-Class; Interesting Result Pictures

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