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Thursday, March 14th, 2019 - Bugatti

One for the straight, the other for the turns: With less weight, better aerodynamics, and its own design, the Bugatti Chiron becomes the 2020 Bugatti Divo.

No, a new car is not the Divo. You can see that, he wears many features of the Chiron. But Bugatti promises that he drives differently. Agile and handy. Although the same W16 engine drives him with four turbos, although the transmission, all-wheel-drive, wheelbase and gauge do not change.

The Divo is the first Bugatti in decades that is not about top speed. Chiron, Veyron and even the EB110 (1991, before the restart under VW) are record fighters in the longitudinal dynamics. The Divo lacks the high-speed mode of the Chiron, it makes at 380 km / h. That’s still pretty fast, but far from the record league.


Bugatti justifies this restriction with security. The camber is different at the Divo than the Chiron. Higher tempo would pollute the 285 or 355 Michelin tires unfavorably, so there is an “early” limit. But it goes faster around the curve, promises the manufacturer. This should be possible with changes to the chassis, less weight, and a new body.

Compared to the Chiron, the weight of the Divo drops by 35 kilograms. Wheels and sound system are lighter, there is no insulation and shelves. The intercoolers get covers made of carbon. The 1,995 kilograms of the Chiron become 1,960 kilograms in the Divo – measured in each case without driver and luggage.

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Bugatti re-tunes springs, dampers, and steering for the Divo. He should address more directly than his technical brother. The front spoiler and rear wing increase, active air ducts improve aerodynamics and brake cooling. The Spoiler were of the Divo generates up to 456 kilograms of output – 90 kilos more than that of the Chiron.

The result of these measures: The lateral acceleration increases from 1.5 g to 1.6 g. At the handling course in here the Divo takes the Chiron off eight seconds. Only straight ahead he has no advantages. Both cars accelerate in 2.4 seconds to 100 km. The performance data are identical.

Bugatti wants to remember with the Divo the early days of the company. At that time, in the pre-war period, when nobody had heard of “Bugatti Automobiles SAS” (since 1998) or Volkswagen (since 1998 Bugatti mother). Ettore Bugatti initially built bare chassis. The bodies came from companies like Gangloff or Lavocat & Marsaud.

Ettore’s son Jean Bugatti took over responsibility for the tin of the cars in the 1920s. Together with the bodywork, Joseph Walter was built at Bugatti own body shop. For a chassis, different bodies were offered. It’s similar again.

Probably the most exclusive form of the VW modular strategy: Around the monocoque of the Chiron, a new body shape with new advantages and disadvantages is being created for the Divo. An economically sensible addition to the 500 planned copies of the Chiron. Each 2020 Bugatti Divo costs just under six million euros. A Chiron is less than half in the price list (2.86 million euros).

The interested parties do not seem to bother. “We have shown the divo of a small group of selected Chiron customers. All 40 vehicles were sold immediately, “says Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann in the press kit for the Divo.

After all, Bugatti has developed its own color palette for the Divo. Outside, the athlete wears the tones “Divo Racing Blue”, “Titanium Liquid Silver” matt and “Divo Carbon”, inside gray anodized metal as well as lots of leather and Alcantara and gray and blue. A private cockpit does not get the Divo, but sports seats with more lateral support.

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