2020 DS3 Crossback: Specs, Pictures, Release Date & MSRP

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Where the competitors are getting fatter, there comes this small, fine SUV: The 2020 DS3 Crossback drives with gasoline, diesel or electricity, sinking the door handles and opens by mobile phone.

There it is, the second real DS model. With the DS 3 Crossback, the premium project of the PSA Group gains profile. The debut DS 7 Crossback launched in early 2018 with luxurious features, but something “me too” in the highly competitive segment of premium compact SUVs.

At the Paris Motor Show, 2018 now debuts just under two classes including the DS 3 Crossback. He meets significantly less competition, which gives him more originality. The class of mini-premium SUV is small. Audi placed here the Q2 (4.19 meters in length), the Mini Countryman (4.29 m) said goodbye in a recent generation already significantly increase.

Against both DS sets now much more luxury in a more compact format. At 4.12 meters in length, the 2020 DS3 Crossback towers just a few centimeters above the current compact car. The new model is 1.79 meters wide and 1.53 meters high, the wheelbase is 2.59 meters. And sneaks up close to the dimensions of the first Mini Countryman (2010-2017).

In addition to its compact dimensions, PSA promises a decent amount of space and “sophisticated sophistication”. With these features, DS believes it has a good chance of being the “number one in the segment”. That, as I said, is not great yet.

2020 DS3 Crossback Engine Specs & Hybrid

The development took four years to “Project D 34”. For the PSA Group, the DS 3 Crossback is not just a new car. He is the vanguard of the electric offensive and the new small car generation. As the first PSA model, the small SUV is based on the new CMP platform, which will in future also carry the new Opel Corsa, Peugeot 208 and small Citroën. This is fully electrifiable. The DS 3 Crossback will be available from mid-2019 with a purely battery-powered drive.

Visually, the DS 3 Crossback remains relatively flat over the asphalt. He will still be an eye-catcher, which is for example due to the strikingly curved LED matrix headlights. Or on the invisible door seals. Or the – inspired by Tesla – flush recessed door handles. They automatically stop when the key belonging to the car approaches the vehicle within a radius of 1.5 meters.

This does not have to be a real key anymore: DS Smart Access turns the smartphone into a key and opens the car via Bluetooth. The owner can temporarily or permanently authorize access to up to five additional persons – without physically handing over a key.

2020 DS3 Crossback Interior

Inside, the DS 3 Crossback looks even more spectacular than on the outside, showing a lot of proximity to the DS 7. There are five themed worlds to choose from for the interior. They are called Montmartre, Bastille, Performance Line, Rivoli, and Opera. As with the DS 7, there will be a particularly expensive introductory edition “La Première” for the early birds. The old equipment lines of the DS 3, which were called So Chic or Sports Chic no longer exists.

Because customization is the megatrend in all the higher-end vehicle segments, DS takes it to the top in the DS3 Crossback. Around 2,000 DS-3 combinations should be possible. In the interior, flat paneling in various types of leather or Alcantara with different embroidery patterns contributes to this. A design remnant of the now discontinued DS 5 is the center console with its reptile-like arranged switch strips. A new impulse in the cockpit brings the honeycomb pattern, which houses the operation for air conditioning and infotainment. The dashboard works fully digital, the head-up display, however, must extend a small disc. The most expensive audio system comes again from the French luxury manufacturer Focal.

PSA promises “outstanding comfort” for its new mini-SUV, from seats with high-density upholstery to “unmatched acoustic excellence”. For example, the engineers strive for thicker door panels and windows than usual, as well as an acoustic glass front panel. How comfortable the luggage travels, remains open: To boot volume makes PSA still no information.

2020 DS3 Crossback Engine Specs

PSA has been waiting a long time for the completely new small car platform CMP. Now she is ready for action. Compared to the predecessor platform, it saves around 40 kilos. The most important thing, however: The space for electric drive components are planned from the outset. In the middle of 2019, the electric future is, to begin with, the DS 3 E-Tense at PSA.

Propulsion is provided by a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor. He draws his power from a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is mounted in the subsoil. The battery can charge with 7 kW, 11 kW or up to 100 kW. The latter is enough, according to PSA for 10 kilometers range per minute of charge. The DS 3 E-Tense accelerates in 8.7 seconds to 100, the propulsion is regulated at 150 km / h. Air conditioning is provided by an energy-saving heat pump. The range should be 450 kilometers in the NEDC cycle or 300 kilometers in the realistic WLTP cycle.

In addition, the platform easily carries internal combustion engines from the PSA shelf. PSA initially announced five engines for the DS 3 Crossback: Topbenziner will initially be a 1.2-liter three-cylinder with 155 hp and eight-speed automatic transmission. Below are variants with 100 or 130 hp.

In addition, the French are planning two diesel engines with 100 and 130 hp (1.5 l displacement). Plug-in hybrid technology is reserved for larger models in PSA and will therefore not be used in the DS 3 Crossback.

2020 DS3 Crossback Autonomous

In assistive technology and connectivity, the DS 3 Crossback should play in the front of the segment. The combination pack of adaptive cruise control (ACC) and steering lane departure warning is intended to facilitate especially highway and traffic jams. Also on board are a fully automatic park pilot and an emergency braking system with pedestrian detection even in the dark.

2020 DS3 Crossback Price

The DS 3 Crossback is produced at the Poissy plant, 30 kilometers from Paris. The world premiere in September will be followed by the public premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October 2018. Deliveries will probably start in 2019. At prices, the French do not give any information. Tip: Audi Q2 and Mini Countryman start in unfocussed nude versions at around 25,000 euros.

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2020 DS3 Crossback: Specs, Pictures, Release Date & MSRP Pictures

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