2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover Review

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover Review

2020 Ford Fiesta Active is intended to appeal to customers who like SUV optics but do not really want to drive SUVs. Does the mixture work? The Fiesta Active in everyday life test.

Without the SUV’s not more, of which the automakers are convinced. The registration numbers prove them right. And even what is not an SUV, should look like SUV. Larger station wagons in off-road trim abound, small and microcars were and are, for example, Opel, Hyundai or VW. Ford is now moving to the Fiesta Active.

The new Ford Fiesta is one of the most successful compact cars in Europe. Ford was able to sell more than 250,000 copies despite model changes in the previous year. The “Active” variant is, on the one hand, to raise the average price and on the other hand to tap into new target groups. But does the SUV look bring a practical advantage to the driver in everyday life, is it rather disadvantageous – or basically it does not matter? We spent two weeks in the new 2020 Ford Fiesta Active.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Specs

  • Engine: 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Power: 140 hp (103 kW)
  • Torque: 180 Nm b. 1,500-5,000 rpm
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual
  • 0-100 km / h: 9.4 s
  • Top speed: 200 km / h
  • Consumption: 5.2 l / 100 km
  • Co2: 119 g / km
  • Length: 4,068 m
  • Width: 1,756 m
  • Height: 1,495 m
  • Wheelbase: 2,493 m
  • Curb weight: 1,190 kg
  • Trailer load: 1,000 kg
  • Trunk: 292-1,093 m
  • Base price Ford Fiesta Active: 17,950 euros
  • Basic price Fiesta Active Plus: 21,150 euros
  • Test car price: 24,900 euros (Current Versions)

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Dimensions & Volume

A good four meters of outside length – in 2018, these will be small-car-specific dimensions. Even with the width (1.76 m without the mirror) of the Fiesta Active drives class, despite the fender essays. However, Ford does not translate the length increase over its predecessor into more space inside. That means: In the back seat it can be cuddly. In front, you sit generously, because the console was pleasantly narrow.

For the “Active” SUV flair Ford decrees 18 millimeters more ground clearance by raising the body height of the Fiesta. There is also a special body kit and a 10 millimeter wider track. Overall, the Fiesta Active stands around two inches higher than the standard version. Whether the SUV optics like, is a matter of taste – we are not quite convinced. Very nice on the other hand: the easy-care, deep shimmering paint with a high metallic content (Sika yellow, 715 Euro).

The Fiesta is the smallest behind the back seat. Although the double loading floor facilitates the loading but reduces the already not huge trunk of the Ford (292 l with tire repair kit) significantly. The then still usable space falls below average: With a board trolley, a travel bag and a shopping bag (or three boxes of water), the trunk is completely filled. The sill lies at a height of 70 centimeters.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Interior

In the cockpit, Ford avoids the frequent criticisms of its predecessor. The new dashboard is clear, clearly structured and dispenses with the many beads and spikes on the dashboard. Also qualitatively makes the Fiesta a significant leap. The surface of the console is pleasantly padded, further down is hard plastic with and without profile and piano finish.

The material mix could like to be more homogeneous. In terms of accuracy of fit and manufacturing quality Ford makes but no mistake. Ford promises “particularly robust and durable materials”. Whether that applies to all surfaces? The large-surface paneling of the A-pillar, for example, is scratch-sensitive. We are pretty sure that the carpets in the trunk would quickly become liquid during heavy use.

Really great: The front seats offer a large adjustment range and thus always the right seating position for drivers of different sizes. If you want, you can take the seat height you were looking for in the SUV. If you like, you can also dive deep into the Fiesta. The ergonomics are convincing, above all the operation of the multifunction steering wheel has made Ford much more intuitive than previous versions.

The only thing that was confusing was the operation of the rear window wiper and the fact that the air conditioning system had two fans for the blower power. Also not so successful: The center armrest ensures an uncomfortable angle of the arm to the handbrake. After all, there is a real, mechanical handbrake. We like that better than electrical solutions.


When it comes to connectivity Ford sought the big step forward. Sync 3 calculates fast, has a logical structure, has an advanced voice control as well as Apple Carplay and Android Auto. It can, for example, maneuver around the traffic jam or recommend restaurants. The voice control functions intuitively and reliably assume navigation targets. She answers the question of a “supermarket” with a list of suitable destinations in the vicinity. The coupling with the smartphone works quickly and easily.

A big faux pas makes itself Ford when cutting the inductive charging cradle for the smartphone. It is too small for practically all current popular smartphone models. Neither a Samsung Galaxy S8 nor an iPhone 8 or a Huawei P10 fit in the plan – and accordingly do not charge in the shell. No Ford exclusive carver: VW underwent the same mistake in Passat and Arteon, which makes the modern feature useless for many customers.

Safety and Assistant

Euro NCAP rated the eighth generation of the Ford Fiesta in September 2017 with five stars. When occupant protection, the Ford makes no weaknesses, in the area of the A-pillar, the Fiesta, however, be a danger to pedestrians. The crash testers rate a positive rating: a lane departure warning system and a speed limiter are standard on board. A pedestrian emergency brake assistant is still available at an additional cost. In the package with the adaptive cruise control, it costs fair 350 euros.

Ford typically stuck in the Fiesta on request, some assistants, but from great innovation, the Cologne look. On offer are a fatigue warning, a traffic sign recognition, light sensor, high beam automatic. An automatic parking assistant is curiously missing in the Active price list, in the “flat” Fiesta he is available. For a real city car a disadvantage. The available parking sensors also made Ford so sensitive that they hardly help in tight parking spaces.

Also noticeable in everyday life: the emergency braking system analyzes vehicles that turn off the Fiesta Active as a hazard. Several times the system struck in such situations – fortunately only visually and acoustically. Not dangerous, but annoying: The traffic sign recognition whimpered even at the slightest exceeding of the detected maximum speed penetrating attention.

The city’s best assistant in the 2020 Ford Fiesta Active works in the same way: the mechanical door edge protection effectively takes the narrow cross-parking spaces the horror when getting in and out. On overland routes, we liked the light system particularly well: The LED headlights (from 750 euros) not only look good with the chic, sequential turn signals. They also shine brilliantly on the road. The high beam assistant worked reliably, at least we never got to see the flare. What is not always the case when using this function in vehicles from other manufacturers.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Engine Specs, Transmission & Fuel Economy

Ford presented us the most powerful issue of the 1.0-liter Ecoboost gasoline on the farm: 140 hp may be described in a small car as lush. Among them are versions with 85 hp, 100 hp, and 125 hp. In addition, 1.5-liter diesel with 85 hp and 120 hp are available. Price wise, the variants are close to each other: The spread between petrol engines with 85 hp and 140 hp is only 3,200 euros. An automatic is only available for the 100-horsepower petrol engine, our top version would like to be switched manually. All engines comply with the Euro 6d temp.

The small, designed on 98 octane turbo engine has naturally no trouble with the small car. The maximum torque of 180 Newton-meters is already at 1,500 revs/min and remains up to 5,000 rpm. But outside of this speed range, the Ford works fine. The Anfahrgas is well matched, and revving is the three-cylinder too.

When it comes to standard consumption, Ford makes no distinction between the “Active” Fiesta and the standard model. Our consumption, with a lot of highway, highway and some city: 6,6 l / 100 km. If you omit the left lane, you can get by with less than six liters.

Test Drive

Granted, the prejudices were there. Pseudo-SUV with a higher center of gravity, larger frontal area and thus higher fuel consumption with poorer handling characteristics. And with, not outfitted, 26 kilos overweight. Or? In fact, Ford makes the “Active” different than the normal Fiesta: more comfortable, pliable and good-natured. A new geometry of the knuckle and other spring rates are responsible for that, says Ford.

Even the ESP leaves a little less space. In addition, a driving dynamics switch activates a more traction-oriented mode for slippery surfaces. Who takes a dirt road from time to time under the 17-inches, will appreciate that.

Those who do not have to register the differences to the “flat” Fiesta. Editorial colleagues found the suspension as “taut with clear feedback” and stated on the record: “Drive the way a Mini Countryman should drive”. Yes, with the suspension know Cologne, what they do and find a successful balance between a lot of feedback and high ride comfort. Blemish: On cobblestones, the front axle tended to rumble occasionally.

There was also a lot of applause for the direct, superbly weighted steering. Sensitive and highly precise, but without any hint of nervousness, the 2020 Ford Fiesta Active steers with it. Speedy maneuvers are just as enjoyable as patient surfing in long curves.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Price & Equipment

For the Fiesta Active Ford laced the equipment lines new, without much overlap to the regular Fiesta. Active, Colourline and Plus are called, instead of Trend, Titanium or ST-Line. The latter is priced approximately on the level of Active entry-level price (17,950 euros). For comparison: A Hyundai i20 Active is available from 17,400 euros, with 100 hp. VW offers the Cross Polo since the model change no longer. Most recently, the list prices started beyond 18,600 euros. The Adam Rocks offer Opel from 15,700 euros, the base vehicle is much smaller.

At Ford, there is in any case, in addition to the aforementioned assistants, the Sync-3 system and a manual air conditioning in the base. A class above, in addition to a few little things, the B & O sound system. What does not deceive: such a Fiesta Active costs. The bottom line is for our test car 24,900 euros. That’s not bad for a small car and only a few thousand miles away from the list price of two basic Fiesta.

The basic price of our test car (21,150 euros) adds up to some additional equipment. Reversing camera and parking beeper for 620 euros, safety package II (adaptive cruise control, emergency brake system) for 350 euros, lumbar support for the passenger (65 euros), mud flaps front and rear (100 euros), heated steering wheel (390 euros), heated windscreen (250 euros), heated mirrors, blind spot assistant (425 euros), metallic paint (715 euros), door edge protection (150 euros), double floor in the luggage compartment (75 euros), the keyless entry (460 euros) and, care, even electric windows behind Ford pay extra with 150 euros.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Verdict

The bottom line: Who does not need the terrain look and does not want to get in the regular Ford Fiesta more car for his money and the sportier handling. That’s not surprising. He would get there also more equipment options, which is rather surprising.

In the competitive environment of the jacked up little ones, the Ford is good enough. He gets enough Fiesta qualities to score against the thin competition and offers on top of that a little more comfort and overview as well as more sovereignty on dirt roads. You should not expect heavier terrain. Need we mention that there is no four-wheel drive in Fiesta Active?

The Fiesta Active also gets the biggest weakness of the Fiesta. And that could be a hindrance to buying in his case. SUVs are often bought because of the space compared to small cars generous space. There’s the Fiesta, no matter with what ground clearance, quite a small car. And among these, even one of the narrower ones.

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