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2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line AWD Review – Just a Good Car | For some people, the Mondeo might be interesting, as we look at the standard price list, and it’s not surprising that it comes out cheaper – though not for much. But there are, of course, different slides or showtimes that Ford’s dealers will want to get rid of.

The remarkable story of the fourth generation of Monde is well-known, you certainly know it well. This car came to Europe in 2015, but there was no surprising novelty. In North America, under the name Fusion, the car has been sold since 2012.

The current Mondeo has emerged as a global model within the One-Ford strategy, which aimed to offer the same vehicles worldwide. While it is fair to note that the European transposition has undergone several changes. Yet the fourth generation came with a different character than the predecessors had offered. But we’ll get to that.

The 2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line delivers a more sporty look that underscores elements such as the black radiator mask, distinctive thresholds, more aggressive bumpers, a decent spoiler, or a red-painted 19 inch (with standard ST-Line standard eighteen) brake calipers. Surprisingly appealing is also the gray metallic, Ford calls her Moondust.

The only defect in beauty is, I think, a strange cut in the rear bumper, which has to be there due to an electrically pulling towing device.

2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line Price and Equipment

2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line Interior

While the exterior is still relatively young, the interior is not so full of age. So not all, I mean now I have a cheap and obsolescent central panel of a massive dashboard, which is simply a flat piece of hard and “raw” plastic around the infotainment screen.

Even the infotainment system itself does not perform in a modern fashion, even if it is the latest generation of Sync 3 – in the case of a tested car in conjunction with a 10.1-inch touchscreen. The graphics are a bit obsolete, the environment is not the fastest, and the finger-touch response is also not 100 percent. At least the system is well-arranged. Pleasant is that navigation is the standard part of Sync 3.

But I like the interior quite a bit, except for the part of the dashboard. And again, thanks to the ST-Line, which includes more sporty seats, upholstery in leather/cloth and striking red stitching.

I have not been driving 2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line for a long time, but I quickly got used to it. Control at first glance looks a bit chaotic, especially the placement of the buttons on the steering wheel can fool you, but you get used to it soon. Just as you can easily understand how the information displayed on a partially digital instrument shield changes. Even at first it is “overpowered”, but it is just the first impression. The way to work with it is logical. And if you want, you can hide all the information and have only two “alarm clocks” in front of you.

There was only one thing in the context of control – even though the air conditioner got its own buttons under the display, because of some of the features you need to dive into the infotainment bowl. For example, steering wheel heating does not switch on, the same applies to switch off the dual air conditioning.

And space? Just somehow, nothing you could sit on your butt. At the front, cool for the back of the two passengers with a height of about 180 centimeters. But maybe such a Passat is better off, not to mention Superb.

The trunk has a basic volume of 488 liters, which is also not very competitive with the competition. Part of it can be a relatively high floor, under which a full-fledged reserve is hidden. However, this number refers to the area under the roller shutter, if we calculate the volume from floor to ceiling, we get to more than 700 liters.

After lowering the rear seat backrests, which unfortunately can not be done directly from the luggage, the capacity will increase to 1585 liters. The suitcase is otherwise sympathetically wide, but it has a significant overhang on the bumper – it is very big and I believe it scratches very easily when loading.

2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line Engine Specs & Performance

In connection with the arrival of the modernized version, there is a significant change in the offer of diesel engines. The 2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line favors the two-liter turbo diesel TDCi (Duratorq), originally from the French PSA (first used in 1999). But Ford has made a great deal of it and has been developing for years.

Instead, there will be a new two-liter 2.0 EcoBlue. It meets the Euro 6d Temp emission standard, which is aided by integrated suction with polished channel surfaces, a low-inertia turbocharger, and high-pressure direct injection. The NOx emission reduction provides a series-mounted selective catalytic reduction system. Another novelty is the possibility of connecting to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Our car did not yet mention the news, under the hood of the tested car was housed an older crankshaft and a six-speed two-link PowerShift transmission. And also the all-wheel drive. This combination suggests the presence of the most powerful 2-liter turbo-diesel version – a weaker version with no quads.

Specifically, we are talking about a maximum output of 132 kW (180 hp) at 3500 rpm and the highest torque of 400 Nm available between 2000 and 2500 rpm. These are two-liter turbodiesel standard parameters.

Similarly, the engine is also standard. It is quite elastic, gently collects from low speed and works best in the middle. Mondeo goes with him fairly and adequately – nothing more, nothing less. At normal speeds, even the laden car has a problem with overtaking, breathing occurs when it exceeds 160 km / h.

The Turbodiesel is well complemented by an automatic gearbox that ranks quickly and smoothly, and above all, the engine holds at the most optimal speed. With a quiet ride, it enforces the low speed, but if you step on the gas, it immediately subtracts and does not hesitate to send the hand to the second half of the tachometer.

A bit disappointing for me was consumption, after a week-long test that included city shifts, but also movement on districts and motorways, the onboard computer showed 8.7 l / 100 km. It’s true, however, that I spent a lot of the test kilometers on quite loaded – specifically in the composition three adults plus three hockey kits. That’s about 300 kilograms. Otherwise, I believe that getting under 8 per hundred years will not be difficult. This is also shown by my colleagues’ earlier tests.


I personally can not get rid of the impression that the fourth generation of Mondeo has moved into the average class and the car now lacks some significant reason why the customer should prefer Ford.

While the predecessors have demonstrated their riding characteristics, I do not see anything in the field of driving characteristics that is fundamentally different from their rivals. It’s just a “good” car.

And the price? The tested version with the most powerful diesel, automaton and quad bike in the 2020 Ford Mondeo ST-Line AWD equipment, according to the current price list, will amount to 1,082,900 crowns. Interestingly, its upgraded equivalent with a new 190 horsepower engine and eight-speed automatic transmission starts at $ 1,097,900, which is not so much the difference.

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