2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid USA Price & Equipment

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid USA Price & Equipment

2019 starts the electrified Honda CR-V. Unlike Toyota in the Rav4 Hybrid Honda does not put the gasoline engine under power, but the electric motor under gasoline.

Japan is different. Where Europe’s manufacturers have left the full hybrid for years, the Japanese continue to see the clean and economical technology as the best bridge into the electric age. In the home market and in the US, the success of the manufacturers from Asia right.

Honda is the topic of hybrid SUV fundamentally different than Toyota. In the Rav4 an electric rear axle provides an additional charge for “all-wheel light”, in the Honda CR-V 4WD a real propeller shaft with multi-disc clutch works. And: Where Toyota builds an electrified gasoline engine, Honda builds the opposite. Honda’s new hybrid car is basically a gasoline-powered electric car.

How does it work? Honda’s hybrid system is called i-MMD and technically resembles neither Toyota’s “Hybrid Synergy Drive” nor older Honda drives. The closest resides to Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV: The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid comes out like this without a manual transmission.

The base is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that works in the Atkinson cycle. There are also two electric motors. One serves as a generator. The other makes powerful 184 hp and 315 Newton meters of torque. He usually drives the wheels alone, over a fixed reduction ratio. Its power, therefore, corresponds to the maximum power of the drive.

The immediate consequence: The response of the Honda hybrid essentially corresponds to that of an electric car. The system knows three operating states. At low load, the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid drives purely electrically. The power for it, he wins like a classic hybrid, so for example when braking. The energy is stored in a lithium-ion battery that holds about one kilowatt-hour. That’s enough for about two kilometers purely electric driving.

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Technology

If there is not enough power for purely electric driving or if the increased load is required, the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid switches to serial hybrid mode. Then the internal combustion engine acts as a power source and outputs power directly to the drive motor via the generator. This reduces Honda conversion losses by the current does not flow through the traction battery.

In a manageable speed range, approximately between 80 and 100 km / h, a lock-up clutch creates a direct adhesion between the gasoline engine and the wheels. In this mode, energy is also delivered to the battery. Above this speed range, the drive works again in hybrid mode. The maximum speed of 180 km / h thus results from the maximum speed of the electric drive motor.

The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid drives only in a few driving conditions not electrically. At speeds of up to 40 km/h, the CR-V generates around 82 percent purely electric driving. Between 40 and 80 km/h, there is almost 50 percent. Between 80 and 120 km / h, the drive reaches an average of 61 percent to the combustion engine, above it, the CR-V always runs in hybrid mode.

Is that efficient? Serial hybrid powertrains, where a combustor drives an electric motor and, in turn, the wheels, are rather unpopular in the engineering profession. Because every energy conversion means conversion losses. Honda decided nevertheless for it and gives two reasons: On the one hand, the gasoline engine, largely freed from direct drive tasks, can almost always run with the best possible efficiency. Namely at around 2,000 rpm. His operating state was independent of the driving condition.

On the other hand, according to the Japanese, the absence of a manual gearbox and the decoupling of the gasoline engine from the drive axle means significantly fewer friction losses than in systems with planetary gears. As a result, the efficiency disadvantage of the serial design is more than compensated.

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Weight & DImensions

The fancy drive ensures only slightly overweight: 60 kilos is the weight disadvantage compared to the 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine. The trunk is missing in comparison to the Honda CR-V with gasoline 64 liters. An additional storage compartment under the trunk does not exist. Does not matter, the trunk is perfectly usable, as it is.

Typical Japanese: In the interior, the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid does not feel like a technology carrier. The interior looks almost pretty, unpretentiously emphasizing the displays for managing the hybrid drive. A little more “Look what I can” would not have hurt. The driver looks at a wheel torque display, can get the energy flows on the display and educated by a guide to energy-efficient driving.

Even the touchscreen and the “Honda Connect” NAVI do not taste like the future – with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, but after all after present. The button panel, the Honda screwed instead of a lever on the center console, after all, acts in Europe eccentric. The driver can adjust the deceleration torque of the engine brake via shift paddles on the steering wheel. The steering wheel is a track too light in the hand.

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Performance

When purely electrical starting the Honda shows but an eccentric side: As a pedestrian warning tone sounds no howling or whistling, but a soft melody. In the interior, fortunately, this can only be heard with the windows open. Who else should take his car seriously, and anyway: you buy a hybrid yes, in addition to his eco-appeal, because he drives so quietly and comfortably.

That definitely does the Honda CR-V. The already quiet drive Honda insulated away so efficiently that usually the rolling noise of the tires in the foreground. Does he have to bring power because a lot of power is in demand, the gasoline engine sounds like an Atkinson engine under load just sounds like a high-speed tin can. Although Honda has re-tuned the engine sound for Europe and additionally helps electronically with standard, active counter-sound. Only a few years ago, there was something like that only in the upper class.

Real sports should not be expected of the CR-V anyway, even if 315 Newton-meters torque from a stand and a “sports mode” at least sound like after-work fitness. In addition, the CR-V carries too much bacon on the hips, but the emphasis is too high, but Honda tunes the suspension to comfort from. The steering is holding back with feedback and endeavors successfully to the impression of ease.

However, things are moving ahead, especially at the traffic lights. Here the CR-V drives like an electric car. So past all burners. So we slide smoothly and briskly, overtake a tractor, we do not feel underpowered – and end up with this driving style in the front-wheel drive with an average consumption of 5.6 l/100 km. This is close to the standard consumption of 5.3 l / 100 km and is fine for a heavy, aerodynamically unfavorable SUV. In the four-wheel-drive model, you have to expect about 0.3 l/100 km more consumption.

What stands out: At city speed, when the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid can fully exploit its electrical competence, the consumption is quickly a 4 before the comma. On the highway, when the combustor is almost continuously required, it is just as fast a 6. The faster and further the ride, the less a hybrid replaces the diesel as the most suitable drive. In the city and on overland it behaves the other way round.

Basically, however, a comparison with the diesel is unnecessary. Also, because Honda offers no diesel in the CR-V. The hybrid costs more than 3.418 USD more than the gasoline engine and consumes about one liter less on paper. The base 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid from 36.796 USD Honda delivers only as a front-wheel drive, the highest equipment only with all-wheel drive. The cheapest CR-V hybrid with four-wheel drive costs 42.152 USD. For comparison: Toyota writes a base price of 4102 USD in the price list of the New Rav4 Hybrid. The cheapest four-wheel drive model costs around $41.024 at Toyota.

What Toyota 2019 will take for the then completely renewed Rav4, is not yet known. It is known, however, that competition stimulates the business. Finally, there is an interesting alternative to the Rav4 Hybrid.

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