2020 Kia Ceed SW Plug-in Hybrid; Specs, Performance & More

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 - Kia

More power for the portfolio: Kia introduces Ceed SW as a plug-in hybrid in 2019. He gets to drive and battery of the Niro PHEV. First details about the semi-electric 2020 Kia Ceed SW.

The Kia Ceed becomes a part-time Stromer. This is confirmed by Artur Martins, Marketing Manager Kia Europa, the magazine “Autocar”. The Ceed PHEV initially come only as a station wagon (“SW”) and with the technology of the compact SUV Niro. In Europe, the model should start in the second half of 2019.

2020 Kia Ceed SW Hybrid –  Very Efficient

Under the hood of Ceed then put a 1.6-liter Saugbenziner with 105 hp. Kia combines it with a 32 kW electric motor. Together, the units come to a power of 141 hp and a torque of 265 Newton meters. As in the Niro, they will drive the front axle via a dual-clutch transmission.

The battery with 8.9 kWh capacity is also from the Niro. In comparison, the Ceed but smaller and lighter. That should help the consumption. Kia gives the semi-electric Niro a range of 58 kilometers and a consumption of 1.3 liters per 100 kilometers. We expect better values for the 2020 Kia Ceed SW PHEV.

“We will introduce the station wagon and then decide if it makes sense in other body shapes,” Martins quotes from “Autocar”. Here could be meant both derivatives of Ceed, as well as other models.

2020 Kia Ceed Sportwagon Redesign and Changes

Electrification becomes important in the long term for the manufacturer to reach the CO2 target. Martins estimates the necessary quota of electrified models at 25 to 30 percent of sales. By 2025, 16 of the manufacturer’s models will at least partially run on electricity. Five hybrid vehicles, five plug-in hybrids, five electric cars, and one hydrogen model are planned.

Kia spokesman could not comment on Martins statements. Officially announced so far only a mild hybrid version of the Ceed. The start in 2019 based on the 1.6-liter diesel. He takes over the 48 Volt technology from the Sportage Mild Hybrid. Judging from the announced electrical program, it seems obvious that the plug-in Ceed will follow soon.

2020 Kia Ceed SW Plug-in Hybrid; Specs, Performance & More Pictures

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