2020 KIA ProCeed GT Review: Stunning 5-door Shooting Brake Body

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2020 KIA ProCeed GT Review: Stunning 5-door Shooting Brake Body | Three-door are out, sports station wagons are in. Also finds Kia and brings with the Proceed a mix of wagon and coupe. Here is The Review of New ProCeed Crossover.

Small facts ABC for the pros and cons of three-door in the compact class: 5 percent of all Golf VII offered at mobile.de are three-door. At Kia Ceed, pardon, “pro_cee’d” it is at least 10 percent. But also only 260 vehicles that are on offer. Failure has always killed the beautiful series. Where price-performance matters more than design-for-money.

So Kia is looking for the compromise with the new generation of the compact car: The new Proceed is not only easier to write, it can also be better to invite more. Five doors, one of them as a tailgate, inserted in a boldly designed body, combine utility and beauty.

2020 KIA ProCeed GT Design

Shooting Brakes call marketing fans such cars. Originally conceived as a hunting car, they originated in England. In 1968, for example, appeared the Reliant Scimitar, 1971 Volvo realized the concept of two-door sports in the P1800 ES, better known as “Snow White coffin”. The most famous representative of the modern era is Mercedes. The Swabians came in 2012 with the CLS Shooting Brake and sent in a smaller scale in 2014, the CLA with a similar silhouette behind.

And now Kia. Even the study last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show caused a sensation – flat, slim and supple. The production version resembles the concept car in many details. The rear with the continuous light strip reminds a little of the Porsche Panamera.

2020 KIA ProCeed GT Review - Stunning Performance

2020 KIA ProCeed GT Truck Capacity

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but practicability is fact-based. The trunk of the Proceed with 594-liters clearly outperforms that of the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake (plus 99 liters). In addition, the backrests can be divided in the ratio 40:20:40. There is storage space under the cargo floor and a rail system on it. Only the high sill is not one of the best sides of the open rear.

2020 KIA ProCeed GT Specs

Now there are already at Kia a wagon on Ceed basis, the Sportswagon. He is the brother of the twins. Both use the K2 platform, both uniting the wheelbase of 2.65 meters. But the Proceed is 43 millimeters flatter and 5 millimeters longer than the station wagon, which makes it look a little more agile.

He gets matching under the hood, at least as a 2020 KIA ProCeed GT: There are only with the strongest four-cylinder in the program. The makes 204 hp from 1.6 liters . Sure, that he has little trouble with the Shooting Brake, especially since he sends his maximum torque of 265 Nm already at 1,500/min in the transmission. If you want to take it a bit more dynamic acoustically, press the sports button on the center console. Sound flaps in the exhaust bother the rest.

The driving style pleases. The vote tends to sporty-tight , without skimping on comfort. The Proceed rolled intensively on German Circuit and the Nürburgring. The new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission works quickly and comfortably.

2020 KIA ProCeed GT Interior

Even with the normal Ceed we like the handsome interior. In the 2020 KIA ProCeed GT, Kia pimps expectationswith red contrasting stitching, brushed metal and sports seats with an embroidered GT sign on the upper part of the backrest. At the front, the seating position is absolutely fine, but at the back, it is a bit tight in the compact class. The footwell is short, the knees bump against the front seat backrests.

Dedicated to the Korean manufacturer in the alternative drive concepts. So all Ceed models will be equipped in the next two years with the 48-volt mild hybridsystem, diesel as gasoline. A start with this technique was already done this year with the Sportage. Combi and crossover also drive with a plug-in hybrid. And by the end of 2020 at the latest, there will also be a derivative within the Ceed series as a fully electric variant.

2020 KIA ProCeed Price

Kia does not reveal yet how much the 2020 KIA ProCeed should cost. As a guide, even a look in the price list of the Ceed Sportswagon does not really help. Because it does not exist with the 204 hp engine, but a maximum of 140 hp. In the (highest) Platinum equipment it costs34,290 euros . The ProCeed should certainly be agood 3,000 to 4,000 euros more – the lifestyle supplement is then included.

With the 2020 KIA ProCeed, Kia extends its compact family to three models. For now. Because a fourth series should follow in 2019. Because one no longer gets involved in adventures such as convertible and coupé and at the same time wants to increase the ceed sales in Europe from now around 70,000 to over 100,000, four fingers can be counted to which vehicle category it is at Ceed number four. Last but not least, the Kia strategists see how much success the Golf SUV derivative T-Roc is celebrating.

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