2020 LADA 4X4 Vision Concept – NIVA SUCCESSOR

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - LADA

Lada says this study was inspired by the Niva. In fact, the 2020 LADA 4X4 Vision is the exact opposite: beefy, showy and fully digital. First details about the concept.

The Lada Niva is a phenomenon. Since 1976, he has changed only if it had to be necessary. Who drives him, does not want a swollen SUV. But the simplicity of the 70’s in an off-road car. It does not matter if it’s called Niva, Taiga, Urban or 4×4 – and it does not meet modern standards in terms of safety or rust prevention.

However, even this car cannot work forever. Lada knows that and is planning a successor. This was confirmed by the former AvtoVaz boss Nicolas Maure in January 2017. The SUV (strictly speaking, the Niva is not an off-road vehicle) will finally arrive in the 21st century, he said at the time.

2020 LADA 4X4 Vision SUV Concept Design

How a Niva successor could look like, the manufacturer now shows at the auto show in Moscow. The study 4×4 Vision is officially just a glimpse into the general Lada future. She was inspired by Niva, Lada explains. With a length of 4.20 meters, it is about the size of the long version of the Niva. In addition, “4×4” is a sales name of the Niva.

Technical data for the study does not exist. Only the information that the car should be based on a special platform. The is much more modern than the old Niva chassis: Lada installed an automatic transmission with shiftable reduction and driving modes. There are programs for mud, snow, and sand.

2020 LADA 4X4 Vision Hybrid SUV From Russia

The interior of the 2020 LADA 4X4 Vision has a decidedly digital effect. Two large displays and only a few remaining switches are the exact opposite of the operating concept in the Niva. The pictures show cruise control, hands-free system, air conditioning and a navigation system with altitude information. Around it is colorful materials and five seats.

Lada draws a romantic picture of the 4×4 vision. One can experience with him the “dawn in the mountains”, “get to know the wild side of ourselves, travel from Moscow to Vladivostok” or “explore volcanoes in Kamchatka”. If the Niva gets a successor, then he will be off-road. Lada even attests to an “unbeatable off-road competence”.

But the study gets neat ground clearance and short overhangs. The 21-inch wheels on the axles are more of a show. When the new Niva arrives, it should look tamer and less jagged. We also expect a more classic interior. Because his most important argument was and is next to his ability the price: The three-door starts in at 11,090 euros

2020 LADA 4X4 Vision Concept – NIVA SUCCESSOR Pictures

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