2020 Lexus UX Hybrid SUV Review – Specs, Price, Interior, Size & More

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2020 Lexus UX Hybrid SUV Review – Specs, Price, Interior, Size & More | The Lexus UX tries something new: The new compact is a decidedly sporty designed full hybrid SUV. The balancing act works amazingly Good

At the launch of the new SUV, Lexus made clear: The compact car Lexus CT remains in the program. It will not be replaced by the new compact SUV Lexus UX in 2019. “Only supplemented”, affirm the governors of the Japanese Nobel brand from the Toyota Group. A brand new compact SUV next to the age-old hatchback sedan so. The funny thing about it: the Lexus CT was sold nationwide 26 times in August alone. He is virtually invisible. From the UX, the Japanese hope much more.

Because the UX is based on the new global, modular platform Toyota, which is called Lexus GA-C. This allows the installation of modern assistance systems, the latest drives – and allows better driving characteristics.

The Lexus UX Hybrid is the only full hybrid in the premium compact SUV segment. Unlike previous Lexus hybrid SUV, he is doing an agile city car with a sporty flair. True to the motto: visually a Lexus SUV, driving a dynamic compact car. Conversely, this means that an off-roader is not, even if four-wheel drive is available by the electrified rear axle.

The UX pushes Lexus into a boom segment. As one of the first group models, he brings Toyota’s latest hybrid technology to Europe. Like the 2.0-liter petrol engine (171 hp) introduced in February 2018, which runs in the Atkinson cycle. It delivers a thermal efficiency of 41 percent. The compression is 14: 1 when coupled to an electric motor. Without electric assistance, the engine compresses 13: 1. He meets the emission standard Euro 6d-Temp with an Otto particle filter.

2020 Lexus UX 200 F-Sport Review

2020 Lexus UX Interior – Spacious

The distinctive serrated form provides aerodynamic benefits. Thus, the fin shape of the taillights directs the air away from the car with particularly low turbulence. The rims were also optimized wind-slippery.

Inside, Lexus Sport was more important than space. So you sit in the back of crisp-tight, on the front seats still tight. Driver and passenger are tautly fitted between leg tunnel and door trim. By contrast, shoulders and head enjoy more freedom.

Especially small for this class acts the trunk. Lexus admits: He’s almost done. At the Paris Motor Show “a larger number of liters” will be presented. Currently, the room under the double loading floor does not belong to this one. That should change.

In the cockpit, Lexus offers what is expected. Thick, stitched, padded leather upholstery on the dashboard and doors, for example, accentuated with wood. Soft leather seats and metallic-cool buttons. Only below the knee palpates the hand hard plastic.

The edgy style of the exterior continues inside. Some details look pretty playful. Like the LED illuminated knobs of the fresh air nozzles. Or the analog clock placed under the glass of the slim 7-inch screen. There is no touch screen. The infotainment is operated as in other models via a touchpad with haptic feedback. For many customers in Germany, this is a stumbling block on the way to your own Lexus. Because the system has its own characteristics.

Compared to previous Lexus systems Lexus simplified the operation significantly. The storage compartment in the center console can be opened from the left or from the right to the other side. The dashboard looks conservative and funky at the same time. A raised aluminum wreath sits on a fully digital TFT screen-next, to the two chunky, analog hands indicate cooling water temperature and tank level.

2020 Lexus UX Engine Specs & Dimensions

Does that work now, a sporty SUV with a hybrid drive? Yes, but  With a length of almost 4.50 meters, the Lexus UX SUV is indeed one of the longest representatives of its class. Nevertheless, he drives nimbly and agile through the city. Also because the newly designed hybrid drive unit requires less space. This allows greater wheel deflection and thus a smaller turning circle (11.2 m).

In addition, the new Lexus hybrid drive drives much more agile. The strong start of the two (the four-wheel drive model three) drive units is really fun. The name is only reminiscent of the oft-torn, howling engine with elastic band effect. The drive responds spontaneously to the accelerator, pulling the SUV quickly to the target speed.

When this is achieved, the engine often shuts down completely, leaving the electric motor to hold the speed. This works best as usual if one left the gas foot – and theoretically only up to 115 km/h. One way or the other: If you just glide along, you hear so little about the engine that the road noise sounds louder than usual, depending on the road surface.

  • Lexus UX 200: 2.0 l, 171 hp
  • Lexus UX 250h: 2.0-liter hybrid, 178 hp
  • Lexus UX 250h E-Four: 2.0-liter hybrid, four-wheel, 178 hp

The chassis put the Japanese comfortable. It compensates imperfections of the road gently and weighs the occupants easily – as long as no threshold abruptly awakens passengers and spirits. So is the 2020 Lexus UX a softie? No, but its dynamics come from the design rather than the suspension.

Despite the SUV structure, the car has a platform-related relatively low center of gravity (594 mm). In addition, the Lexus engineers added to the Toyota platform additional stiffeners and waived a rubber damping between steering and chassis. The steering is tuned directly and precisely, the chassis can be stiffened in higher equipment by means of a vehicle dynamics control.

This makes the UX significantly more agile, despite the built-in comfort. Noteworthy when it comes to tempo: It does not matter how much you kick the Lexus UX. It consumes more than six liters per 100 kilometers only on long, fast autobahn laps. In the city, it will be more like five liters.

2020 Lexus UX Transmission – New CVT

The base version of the Lexus UX, the 200th, has to do without hybrid support. Here Toyota uses for the first time its new CVT transmission with fixed starting ratio. This is to eliminate the rubber band effect when starting. Actually, the drive then feels more like a converter gearbox. At higher speeds, the transmission works continuously again.

When assisting technology, Lexus makes no extravagances. ACC, emergency brake with pedestrian recognition, lane departure warning with power steering, traffic sign recognition and high beam automatic are on board. The Autobahn Assistant works reliably and without problems – and helps the long-haul capability of the UX. However, the navigation system still needs fine-tuning. Often, it did not call for turning until the turn was passed.

2020 Lexus UX Price

What does such a Lexus UX cost? Does not say the brand yet. The prices will be there for the Paris Motor Show 2018 in early October. Lexus wants to praise the UX “very competitive” to Audi Q3, BMW X1 or Volvo XC40. The start all around the $34,088.

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