2020 Mercedes G350D Review: G-Class With Diesel

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 - Mercedes Benz

2020 Mercedes G350D Review: G-Class With Diesel. After the big gasoline, the Mercedes G-Class gets a diesel again. Of course with 6-cylinders. Makes sense in Daimler’s giant cube. So the G350d drives.

A G-Class simply needs a diesel. That was already in the Bundeswehr time of the military version Wolf (type 460, 461) so, in the civilian version with the numbers W460 and W463 and that remains the same with the new model. So far, Mercedes of the new model (W 463) only offered the G500 with 422 hp (107,040 euros) and the even stronger AMG version G63 with 585 hp for 148,434 euros. Both engines, which are widely sold worldwide.

But diesel is better suited as a working tool. With the new inline six-cylinder OM656, which is already in the E-Class, S-Class and the CLS, the consumption of the G drops significantly. On average, the 2020 Mercedes G350D is expected to consume 9.6 liters per 100 kilometers, significantly less than the G500 (11.5 l/100 km) and the AMG G 63 (13.1 l / 100 km). Thanks to variable valve timing and two-stage exhaust gas turbocharger, the diesel nimble reacts to accelerator commands, builds up its torque quickly and pushes the at least 2.45-ton SUV immediately forward.

But consumption is not everything. Above all, the engine Euro-6d-temp-clean. The six-cylinder engine works pleasantly and quietly provides 600 Newton meters of torque and fits the G like the mountain boots to the hiker. 286 hp makes the engine. Good for a sprint from a standing position to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds and 199 km / h top speed. The turbo whistle only discreetly in the background. A light humming as in a large-volume ship diesel is pleasantly through the car. The power can be felt at any speed. Starting at 1,200 rpm, the maximum torque of 600 Nm is available and holds up to 3,200 rpm.

It shifts quickly, precisely and is barely noticeable – no matter whether on fast-driven serpentine stages, the highway acceleration strip or on a small dirt road. Because of the large spread at just 140 km/h just under 2,000 tours. This minimizes consumption and noise.

2020 Mercedes G350D Redesign

The engineers were also working on the transfer case. The new development shovels up to 40 percent of the power on the front axle and up to 60 percent on the rear axle. As a result, the all-wheel-drive rear-stressed and presses at full throttle in the curve briefly the rear, before he storms forward.

But not only on the road is the G now better and more comfortable than its predecessor. Even in the field, he (even) gets along better. A modified terrain reduction increases the torques at the wheels, the G drills playfully through mud and morass. The gradeability is 100 percent, which means 45 degrees . Rivers can pass through the G to a depth of 70 centimeters. Even inclines of 35 degrees and ramp angle of 25.7 degrees let the G cold.

Suitable for off-road, but also for the road the driving mode switch changes the character of the SUV. Depending on the option selected, five different programs work in the Benz. At the touch of a button, they change the response of engine, transmission, suspension and steering. In Eco mode, the sail function saves additional fuel. In sport, the gears turn higher, the steering becomes stiffer, the suspension harderand the gears shift faster. However, the G350d can noharder with the drivability of a car like its gasoline engines. In comfort mode, the Benz springs soft and swinging, tilts in tight corners to the side.

2020 Mercedes G350D Interior

The under-the-hood diesel does not make the G 350d a modest vehicle. The driver and front passenger sit with significantly more space on the front seats, the doors hit as ever with a neatly loud snap – but only with a lot of momentum. As with the gasoline, the materials are high quality, noble and fine – too fine and too noble for a working tool. Leather seats, open-pored wood and leather-covered dashboard look great, but have nothing, to do in the woods. Most customers will be indifferent, since they are traveling with the G only on asphalt .

They are more pleased about the assistance systems and the cockpit. The Abstandstempomat the driver assistance package for 1,600 euros. There are also help for the blind spot, traffic sign detection and emergency braking maneuvers when pedestrians and cyclists spontaneously cross the street in front of a G. The round headlights now shine as standard with LED.

With the large display, all information is displayed clearly and clearly, the presentation can be changed as with other Mercedes models. But really does not fit the digital stuff in the G-Class . Analog instruments are the better choice and also standard. For the optional widescreen cockpit with two 12.3-inch displays under a common cover glass customer pay 1,011 euros.

2020 Mercedes G350D Price

What remains of the predecessor, is the still cramped interior, the small trunk, the high consumption and the even higher price. If a G500 burns a good 15 liters per 100 kilometers in reality, the G350d consumes just under 12 liters on average. But the diesel costs but with about 92,000 euros at least 15,000 euros less than the G500. If that is not an offer.

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