2020 Mitsubishi L200 Review, Performance, Specs & Price

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 - Mitsubishi

Here is The Review oF 2020 Mitsubishi L200. For 40 years Mitsubishi has the workhorse L200 in the program. Preserving the tradition, but with new technology, the pick-up is now in the next round.

“Rugged” and “tough”, so “tough” and “tough” – when Osamo Masuko speaks about the L200, then the Mitsubishi boss likes to use martial vocabulary. Finally, the pick-up is also a comparatively martial car: While even the Mitsubishi Pajero was increasingly conquered by civilization, the flatbed truck has been the hard dog for exactly 40 years, making it a reliable partner in 150 countries from the Sahara to Siberia established.

But even on such a dinosaur, time does not pass by without a trace. Next summer, the next generation will start, estimated at about 24,000 euros. The 2020 Mitsubishi L200 looks even more rustic than the old one: The flanks carry massive muscles, the front is edgier and the hood has become higher. A smart technology is moving in, and for the first time, there are assistance and comfort systems that have long been standard in passenger cars. Cameras monitor the blind spot and help with 360-degree panorama when parking and maneuvering, a distance measurement coupled with the brake prevents parking bumps, there is an automatic emergency brake and a keyless-go system.

That the Japanese themselves celebrate the two USB sockets as an achievement, seems a bit over the top – especially since the rest of the infotainment is rather mau. The small touchscreen navigation device lacks Apple Carplay or Android Auto and instead of digital instruments, there is only a tiny monitor for the onboard computer.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 Redesign

As modern as the L200 would like to be in terms of features, the ambiance is so traditional, even if a few chrome frames bring some splendor to the cabin. Coarse switches, simple plastics, plain leather – a pick-up does not have to be elegant, but indestructible. And spacious. The cab is more generous than any conventional off-road vehicle. It will be available as a club cab with emergency seats in the second row and probably also as a double-cab with four real doors and a full back seat. And of course, there is the bunk for the load. Mitsubishi does not yet give any data on the payload, but payload and volume will certainly outcut any SUV.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 Interior Features

The design has been modernized, the equipment more lavish than before, and now even LED technology in the striking face – as the zeitgeist may have gained influence. But in terms of technology, the Japanese make no concessions. Because a pick-up is first and foremost a workhorse, neatly taking something and having to carry more away, neither the ladder frame nor the leaf springs were up for discussion. Just as little as the switchable four-wheel drive with reduction ratio.

But here, too, a bit of modernity is catching on: after all, there is now almost as in the Range Rover a kind of terrain response system, with which you can optimize the drive for mud or snow, sand or rocks. And on steep slopes, the electronics brake the car at the push of a button.

2020 Mitsubishi L200  Performance

Driving force is as before a 2.4-liter diesel, which starts in Thailand, where the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 is sold as Triton, with 181 hp and 430 Newton meters, for Europe, but maybe gets a slightly different calibration. Although he shakes himself vigorously when starting the engine and does not make any secret of his hard work, he goes straight to the point and bravely drives the flatbed truck through the mud.

Of course, he is not as fast as an SUV for a long time, he could hardly make it to 100 in less than twelve seconds and a lot more than 180 things will not be in there either. But for that he has a stamina, from which Tiguan and Co can cut off a big slice: Slush and modders certainly could not stop the L200 at the first test drive any more than the mighty bumps or artificial hills that the Japanese set up on the demo course to have. Since the L200 over the last 40 years already mastered major hurdles.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 Specs & Price

  • Engine: 2.4-liter diesel
  • Power: 181 hp
  • Maximum torque: 430 Nm at 2,500 rpm
  • 0-100 km / h: approx. 12 s
  • Vmax: approx. 180 km / h
  • Average consumption: k.A.,
  • Length: 5.30 m
  • Width: 1.82 m
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Wheelbase: 3.00 m
  • CO2 emissions: k. A
  • Emission standard: Euro 6
  • Efficiency class: k. A.
  • Price: approx. 24,000 euros (estimate)

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