2020 Seat Leon Redesign, Specs, CNG Hybrid, Price & More

Friday, November 9th, 2018 - Seat

Here is The New Updates of 2020 Seat Leon. He shows his front and hides the flank: The fourth generation of the Seat Leon drives with cushions under the foil. New details on the Spanish compact.

Despite film, upholstery, and plastic: This Erlkönig the next Seat Leon shows quite a lot of its future. The fourth generation of the Spanish compact starts in 2019, a short distance from the technically closely related models VW Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia. Already in the spring recordings of the new Leon appeared, at that time still with old body. This one carries the new sheet under the foil.

2020 Seat Leon Redesign & Updates

A lot of contour does not let us see Seat yet. The flanks seem too smooth and round for a model of the Spaniards. Usually their cars have sharp edges, up in two lines, down in one. Here, the Leon will be based on 2017 Ibiza presented. The Erlkönig is upholstered in all relevant places . So much secrecy must obviously still be.

His face, however, can already be seen well. The grille remains a trapeze, the lamps get a new shape and are now steeper in the front. Overall, the front end looks slimmer than before. And he reminds from some perspectives on the front of the new Ford Focus.

What the Erlkönig also hidden: The 2020 Seat Leon gets flat taillights with a continuous light strip. Directly below the edge of the window, a red stripe runs between left and right lamp, below which sits the Seat emblem. A corresponding photo appeared in the net a few days ago.

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2020 Seat Leon Engine Specs & trims – Gasoline, HYbrid & CNG

There will be a small revolution under the Leon dome. For the first time Seat wants to offer the compact with power support. Two systems are in the pipeline: a mild hybrid with 48-volt on-board power supply and belt starter generator as well as a plug-in hybrid. Gasoline, diesel and a natural gas variant will continue to exist.

The plug-in Leon drives with a 1.5-liter petrol engine and a dual-clutch transmission. In the bell housing sits an electric motor that can support the burner and work independently. Batteries in the rear of the Leon will allow an electrical range of about 50 kilometers.

In principle, the complete technical range of Golf and A3 is available for the Leon. It is a question of strategy, if and when which drive arrives in the Spaniard. The plug-in is considered set and should be launched in 2020. An E-Leon would be feasible, but will not come. Seat wants to present its own model in Leon size, which is based on the electrical kit of the VW Group (MEB). The manufacturer had already confirmed that.

The burners of the Leon are 1.0 to 2.0 liters in size. In the base are three-cylinder petrol used, about the 1.5-liter four-cylinder? The strong petrol and diesel all get 2.0 liters of displacement. Depending on the power and features, there are front and four-wheel drive and manual gearboxes and dual-clutch transmission.

Styling Exterior

In addition to the five-door, Seat will continue to offer a Leon SW (station wagon). The three-door (SC) should be eliminated. A sports version is on the plan. However, it will not carry a Seat logo, but like the SUV Ateca sold under the Cupra brand. It remains with front-wheel drive and about 300 hp, all-wheel could follow.

Assistants and infotainment in the 2020 Seat Leon are also being modernized. We expect digital instruments in the base, a large Navi screen, and autonomous functions. At one point or another, however, Seat will have to step back and let the group sisters go first.

So far it is not known in which order the new compact graders start. Seat likes to be there early. Officially, there are still no statements about the model. We assume that this will change at the latest in half a year.

2020 Seat Leon Redesign, Specs, CNG Hybrid, Price & More Pictures

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