2020 Toyota Supra MK5: First Drive, Specs, Performance

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 - Toyota

The great sportsman of Toyota comes back: 2019 starts the 2020 Toyota Supra MK5 with six cylinders, only a turbo and BMW genes.

Toyota has been missing out on the sport for far too long. The last Supra ran in 2002 from the band, then followed by insufficiently excused staying away. It was the certificate from the boss: conserve resources. Gain world domination. Bigger than any other car companies. That does not work with pretty muscles, but with a broad mass.

But priorities are changing. In 2009, Akio Toyoda became Toyota boss. He loves motorsport, drives endurance races himself and thinks his brand likes to show muscle. Since 2012, she does so with the wiry GT86 . And soon a strong bear Supra follows. That’s what Toyoda decided when in 2012 he negotiated with Norbert Reithofer about cooperation for diesel, hybrid and hydrogen. When petrolheads are among themselves.

Sports cars are rarely profitable. If two companies share the work, the bill is right again. Therefore, Toyota and BMW agreed to jointly develop the successors of Supra and Z4. With many identical parts, but clearly demarcated from each other: The Bayer gets a roof made of fabric, the Asian a solid tin cover. Body panels do not share them.

2020 Toyota Supra MK5 Concept

The most important thing in advance: Yes, you can feel the proximity of the Supra to BMW. Very clearly even. Especially through similar to identical interior components and the sound. But that’s not bad, because the Bavarian-Japanese double works . Toyota even manages to preserve a large part of the Supra-soul, despite fundamental changes to the concept.

2020 Toyota Supra Redesign & Changes

The new Supra offers only space for driver and front passenger. So she renounces the two emergency seats of her predecessors. This has a positive effect elsewhere: it gets noticeably shorter and licks properly. Approximately 1.5 tonnes deadweight will be in the data sheet when Toyota officially presented in January 2019. Generation 4 weighed almost 150 kilograms more.

Here and now Toyota holds back enormously, as far as specific data. One would like to say nothing at all, actually even the achievement is secret. After all, there are a few numbers: between the axles are 2.47 meters, just like the Z4. But the Supra builds six inches longer (4.38 m).


Overall, the 2020 Toyota Supra MK5 is compact, but gets a wide track. That makes them wonderfully handy and stable. The weight is distributed equally on both axles, the center of gravity is lower than the GT86 . It is impressive how precise and safe the athlete circles around tight bends. You can feel how the (optional) limited slip differential works under load, how more force arrives at the outer wheel and pushes the Supra through the bend.

In the Toyota hierarchy, the GT86 is the fun-car with the slippery tires, the supra the serious athlete. She is not so easy to get out of bed as her little brother, but has plenty of reserves ready. You can drift with it, the ESP can be switched off completely . But you have to force them to do that. Before the loss of traction comes a wide range that quietly announces that the rear soon slips away.

Toyota agrees directly with the Supra. Suspension and steering give a lot of feedback. The engineers are not quite finished, they are still working on some details. Good thing, because the steering could use some play in the middle position, at least in comfort mode. The current state is too nervous at high speed. Our criticism will flow into the further development, say the engineers.

Of course, the 2020 Toyota Supra MK5 should be mainly sports cars. To this claim fits the direct response of the steering. But the coupe has more potential. Because optional adaptive shock absorbers bring amazing comfort in the chassis . You can start gently and hide bumps elegantly. No matter how hard you are, it’s a nice option in the long run. In sports mode, the dampers are much firmer and let feel more road.

2020 Toyota Supra MK5 Specs

Under the 2020 Toyota Supra hood belongs a turbo inline six-cylinder, for historical reasons. A suitable engine has Toyota since the end of the “2JZ-GTE” (Supra A80) is no longer in the program. BMW already. The “B58” is used, a 3.0-liter engine with a turbo , the Bayern use, inter alia, in the Z4.

Official data does not exist yet. However, the performance monitor in the car reveals: The unit produces 250 kW (340 hp) and 500 Newton meters of torque, which is as much as in the Z4. By comparison, the Supra weighs just over 100 kilos lighter thanks to its tin roof, so it can probably start faster. BMW gives 4.6 seconds for the sprint to 100 km / h. Toyota leaves it for now at “less than 5 seconds”.

The thrust comes early and strong. From 1,500 tours is the full moment, immediately before a large part of it. The Supra works cheerfully out of the basement over the entire band, turns up fast and keeps its performance. Despite charging, the fun comes with the speed . The drive harmonises well with the Supra. It sounds sporty (but not loud), runs silky soft and provides a good boost.

As standard, there is an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF on the block. The switches fast and with good gradation, but could in the sharp driving modes like rough to the point. A dual-clutch transmission would have been a coherent alternative here. Toyota does not think about a manual variant for now.

Chief developer Tetsuya Tada explains: A manual transmission could not work as well in the Supra as it does in the GT86 . But the engine delivers too much torque. If the demand is right, but you would think again.

Toyota does not want to discuss another topic yet. There will be the Supra in a basic version. Tada-san only hints that a four-cylinder turbo makes sense for some markets in Asia because it pays penalty taxes on large engines. He avoids all additional questions like a dumbbell pro – and smiles mischievously .

The little Supra will make it to Europe. Again, the engine of the BMW Z4 comes. The comes as a 20i with 197 hp and 30i with 258 hp.

With the choice of the drives hard-hitting fans of the series will not agree. They hang on the “2JZ-GTE” of the predecessor, the Yamaha with aluminum head from Yamaha and register charging, ideally coupled to a manual Getrag six-speed gearbox. The components were resilient, there are countless tuning parts and versions with more than 2,000 hp.

Tada-san regularly receives requests from tuners, who are tapping nervously on tiptoe due to sheer anticipation. They eagerly wait for the 2020 Toyota Supra MK5, just to install the engine of its predecessor . The chief developer can understand them. When his car was driving in Goodwood, a small boy asked him if there was a 2JZ under the hood. Tada-san replied that he would like to come back with just such a Supra next year. Such conversions will probably follow soon.

Chassis and drive of the new Supra also offer scope. Toyota suggests: the car is more powerful. A stronger six-cylinder will probably not come. But the manufacturer wants to sell suitable tuning parts themselves. Under the label Gazoo Racing it should give factory accessories. Tada-san concretely confirmed that, among other things, coilovers and control units will be available.

2020 Toyota Supra Release Date & Price

That was probably the price. In the 1990s, a 330 hp Supra Turbo cost 106,000 DM. The new generation could be more attractively priced. So far, the prices are not fixed yet. However, we expect a base price of about 40,000 euros. The six-cylinder will probably cost at least 50,000 euros. We strongly recommend the adaptive dampers and the limited slip differential. More about the car we learn at the premiere in January 2019.

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