2020 Volkswagen ID Review: Price at Less Than $35.000

Saturday, December 29th, 2018 - Volkswagen

2020 Volkswagen ID Review: Volkswagen’s electric future carries the abbreviation “ID”. The production version will be available on the market only in 2020, but the first prototypes are already ready for the test drive.

Frank Welsch rehearsing the electrical emergency. And that can be taken literally. Because the VW development chief is currently traveling in South Africa and tests the ID, the first car of a new model family. With her, VW wants to finally arrive in the era of battery-powered cars. After all, the ID is not a half-ganged upgrade like e-Up and e-Golf, but was first developed completely around the battery.

That’s why the Niedersachsen start from zero and have a correspondingly tight program for development and testing. “Much more than the door handles, a few hinges and the 12-volt battery, the ID models do not have anything in common with the rest of the range,” says Frank Bekemeier, head of development.

2020 Volkswagen ID Price

The prototypes do not remind of a good old acquaintance in terms of format and performance: the Golf. “Because we want to address the same customer with the first ID model,” says Welsch and outlines comparable key data: The length will be somewhere at 4.25 meters, the power of the e-motor at the rear at about 204 hp, the maximum speed in the best case at 180 km / h and the price at less than 30,000 euros – “as much as you would have to pay for a similarly well-equipped TDI”.

Shortly thereafter, however, the parallels between the old and the new world are already exhausted. In the bad, because the ID comes with the largest of its three battery packs on a WLTP range of 550 kilometers. The entry-level model probably reaches “only” 330 WLTP kilometers. In the good, because the electrical Erstling uses all the advantages of the new architecture. 10 centimeters more wheelbase mean much more space. Also, because the Lower Saxony omitted the Kardantunnel, which otherwise reduces the footwell in the rear.

2020 Volkswagen ID Electric Range

The ID gets a cockpit that lives up to its name. Instead of the usual layout with a large screen under a wide scoop, there is only a small display that stands free behind the wheel. Next to it is a much larger touchscreen. The graphics are colorful, instead of switches, there are only sensor fields everywhere. The next generation of head-up display flickers on the windscreen. With the Sprach control without rehearsed commands and feedback in the new LED strip under the windscreen, the dialogue between man and machine is to reach a new dimension.

Driving with the ID Neo, on the other hand, is as unspectacular as with a Golf. Get in, start, drive off – even the new operation succeeds right away. That you have to change a little, is less on the set-up of steering and suspension, which has long since no final state. Also not on the rest on board, because at least in the prototypes constantly plucked the wind on the camouflage foil and roll the tires much too loud.

For the ID gets a much smaller turning circle. Because more space is available in the engine compartment, the wheels can continue to hit. Not even as much space as an up needs the ID for a 180-degree turn.

The importance of the ID for the brand VW and the entire Group can hardly be estimated large enough. His platform is to carry more than two dozen models by 2022 and thus make the biggest contribution to the fact that by 2025 every fifth VW with a battery instead of gasoline tank is sold.

As so often VW is late with the consistent electric car. But now Wolfsburg is also getting serious about the electric revolution and men like Welsch and Bekemeier are well advised to try out this serious case in a green way: “Because we can not afford any mistakes in this ambitious plan.”

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