2020 VW Transporter T7; Platform, Hybrid & Release Date

Monday, March 18th, 2019 - Volkswagen

2020 VW Transporter T7 – Long nose, long wheelbase: The generation change from T6 to T7 will happen a lot in the VW Bulli. Presumably, even the architecture changes.

In the coming year, the VW Bulli gets a new face. The facelift model of the T6 will disappear soon afterward because the successor is already pushing: Our Erlkönig photographer has a test carrier of the generation T7 scanned. He still wears many parts of the T6 body, but a very different front.

At first glance, the prototype looks like a mixture of bus and caddy. His long nose does not want to fit right to the angular body. However, the seat position, wheelbase, and gauge clearly indicate that it is a vehicle from the Bulli family. Patched sheets in the flank indicate that it is in an early stage of development.

2020 VW Transporter T7 Redesign

Particularly curious: the vehicle front already looks very close to the series in terms of craftsmanship. All panels fit together relatively well and form a completely new front end. But fenders, bonnet, apron, lights and even the front doors have nothing in common with the T6 parts.

It was to be assumed that the new models at the front have to be slightly longer. Pedestrian protection is becoming more important, between sheet metal and block now requires more space. But T6 engines are very short and tall. The long nose could indicate that VW commercial vehicles fundamentally changed the architecture of the series.

2020 VW Transporter T7 New Platform

Since the T4 generation petrol and diesel are sitting across the front axle. This is so common in the segment because it saves space. But the new front looks as if it makes room for a longitudinal engine. This would also explain the significantly increased distance between the wheel arch and the door. The entire cabin moves a good way back.

In this way could be used in the T7 petrol and diesel with six cylinders. Engines and transmissions would then come from the Audi construction kit. Presumably, they would be slightly weaker and more durable in the Bulli.

Modular Longitudinal Construction Platform

Up to now, VW Nutzfahrzeuge has refrained from completely taking over the passenger car kits of its sister brands. They are not designed for high payloads and are therefore not suitable for the vehicle class. In the course of hybridization and digitization, however, it is obvious that at least parts of one of these architectures will arrive in the T7.

Another indication of the Modular Longitudinal Construction Kit (MLB) is the second filler cap at the level of the rear wheel arch. Here tank camping models of the T6 water. MLB hybrids charge their batteries at this point. Our photographer reported a gasoline hybrid – it might be the experimental vehicle is a 2020 VW Transporter T7 Plug-in Hybrid.

Probably VWN takes over only the most necessary components. Especially the rear axle will not come from a kit. Here is the commercial vehicle own claims. The wheel arches must be as narrow as possible to make the hold as wide as possible. The construction of MLB vehicles would be out of place.

2020 VW Transporter T7 Release Date

VW is not yet expressed to the vehicle. It is unclear whether it is just an idea in the course of the development process, or whether in the pictures actually, the T7 is to be guessed. That would be a risky move because it would make it significantly longer than its competitors without offering more space.

In any case, we expect modern assistants and more networking in the new Bulli. Traditionally, a commercial vehicle will not be as digital as a car – displays in Touareg format will not come. But it is to be reckoned with a clear progress. Expected to learn about the car in about two years.

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2020 VW Transporter T7; Platform, Hybrid & Release Date Pictures

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