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Italdesign Zerouno Test Drive – Best Supercar Design With 600Hp | Italdesign, VW subsidiary since 2010, also wanted to build its own car with its own logo. The wish culminated in a spectacularly designed carbon flounder called Zerouno. 5 open and 5 closed two-seater sold Italdesign, we were allowed to drive one.

This muzzle is the blast: your hood ends in front between the narrow LED headlights from a larger hexagon and five smaller in a kind of snorkel. He looks like the front of a Formula One Single Seater of the 60s – only flattened. The rest of the body also shows impressive details – such as the completely removable boot lid, which looks like the back of a reptile or Darth Vader’s worn face mask. Impressive are also the proportions: With 4.85 meters as long as a VW Arteon, but with only 1.20 meters height 25 centimeters flatter, 1.97 meters wide – there remain many mouths open and when the Zerouno comes among people is it usually over with the speed: Clusters of people, in which everyone holds up a smartphone to prove his audacity, brake the carbonated R8.


There is little to say about interior design. First, because Italdesign custom designed each of the five specimens of the Ultra Mini-Series for each customer – perhaps one bought two Zerouno. That’s 40 percent of the coupé and convertible numbers. Second, the interior of the test car is still designed for any customer, speak rather pragmatic piecemeal and not finished. But much of what you see is made of carbon.

The passenger compartment as a whole is no cause for criticism: The entry works smoothly, for a vehicle height of only 1.20 meters almost surprisingly easy. Inside, of course, sitting flat, but also at 1.84 meters height ergonomically correct and relatively relaxed. The overview to the front is good, to the rear it is not bad – it is simply not available. To do this, a reversing camera switches to the central touchscreen when reverse gear is engaged. Forwards, the view of Audi’s digital instruments falls – this is no mistake: their high-resolution graphics are perfectly readable and the animated car in the left-hand area is recognizably an Italdesign Zerouno and not just an R8. In addition, the look also reminds of the LamborghiniHuracán. Sure, on the Audi R8 of the Zerouno is also related to the Italian mid-engine sports car.

Italdesign Zerouno Engine Specs – V10 Dual Clutch Transmission

You can hear that when starting the engine: The V10 barks a hotter in the neck and hollering even in the subsequent idling already speed greedy to himself. The dual-clutch transmission converts the spontaneous throttle response of the V10 into a smooth and completely trouble-free start-up procedure. Driving with the Zerouno is just as easy as with an automatic all-weather car. Only the torque increase of the converter is missing, careful starting is rather simpler, the software regulates the load requirement for the motor. Nevertheless, the Karbonflunder is ready to move on immediately after leaving the factory premises, if the gas pedal is moved more vigorously. The feinnervige reaction of the high-speed drive train excited. The sound in the test car in the sport setting according to the Italdesign people a bit duller, because here instead of the titanium exhaust system one of steel is installed. The noise level inside is southern merry, but not annoying, outwardly Italian extroverted – in the switching breaks one or the other “hand basket”, this typical gesture, which we think we know only from our neighbors on the other side of the Alps, incorporated onomatopoeic: The V10 braises spectacularly from the exhaust system.

Italdesign Zerouno Review

Here Italdesign has reshuffled. With the effect that the driver is caught over and over again as he overheats a shift just to enjoy the rapid reaction to the train on the steering wheel rocker – and the lightning-fast and pleasant-sounding intermediate throttle on the next downshift.

The best thing comes when driving on winding country roads: The Zerouno meshes with the asphalt without being uncomfortable – the suspension seems to be meticulously paid attention to the closest contact between tires and road.

That the Zerouno is about 260 kg lighter than the R8 (1655 kg) manifests itself in a very agile handling – that feels more like Lotus after fast-paced super sports car with mega-stable straight-ahead at high speeds – the (top speed: 330 km / h) could not be tested during the test drive; Nevertheless, the very brisk road circuit gave no reason to believe that the Zerouno would ride uneasily straight ahead, no matter what speed. On the contrary. But the spontaneous Einlenkverhalten in contrast to surprised positive, especially if you have the caliber of the car in mind.

What was seriously provoked on the test drive is understeer. However, the electronics in the test car, even in sports mode, seemed rather cautious. Rule interventions were indeed no observed, not even at full acceleration on less rough roads with autumn leaves. Rather, the V10 seemed a little inhibited, as if not all of the 600 hp were gathered. Given the price, you could understand a restrained characteristic already.

Anyone who still manages to exaggerate can rely on the carbon brake system, which imprints the pattern of the belt on the chest when needed. It also benefits from reduced weight. If the brakes have not stopped you in total loneliness, you will not be left alone for long – the Italdesign Zerouno is a sports car for more than two.

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