2019 BMW i3s Review; More Sporty, Worth it?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 - BMW

The fleet was the BMW i3 already, now he should be really athletic. As 2019 BMW i3s it gets more power, less travel, and a sharper vote. First ride in the i3s.

On the racetrack, the little things make the difference: Wider tires, a suspension with tighter dampers, a bit more power. Classic tuning measures. The BMW i3 is now available from the factory together with a small “s” on the tailgate. The i3 on the racetrack has nothing to do with it. He drives electrically, it’s more about efficiency.

The sporty version comes at the same time as the facelift of the ordinary i3. Both get a slightly different look. A larger battery (33 kWh) for more coverage existed before the facelift. The i3s also gets 10 kW (13 hp) and 20 Nm more torque. Power 183 hp and 270 Nm. The sprint to pace 100 takes only 6.9 instead of 7.3 seconds. This is also due to the more precise tuning of the electronics.

We whir through Lisbon and try out the new sports mode. Get on the accelerator pedal – and the 2019 BMW i3s roars off. In a flash, you leave the maximum speed within the city behind you. The i3 has not been a junk dealer yet. From the traffic light, he even leaves some sports cars. He also walks around the corners. The big, narrow tires gave more grip than one would expect. The i3s is still on top in all categories.


Also with the chassis. The i3s shares a trace harder than the i3. The new dampers and stiffer stabilizers are only noticeable when they are faster and sharp-edged. Cobblestones, tram rails, low curbs swallow the i3s well. The wider wheels have enough cushioning rubber.

2019 BMW i3s Color Trims

In front is the new with the “s” on tires of the dimension 175/55 R20, in the back of 195/50 R20 (i3: 155/70 R19). They are not exactly “pushy”, they still manage the addition XL. They still remind us a bit of cartwheel. Looking directly from the side, one could still think that they are really wide tires. Flat flanks, aggressive profile.


The tires provide a 40 millimeter wider track. And above all, therefore, comes the about 10 percent higher consumption. 14.3 kWh is BMW for the i3s. The i3 pulls 13.1 kWh out of the battery at best. Therefore, he comes 20 km further according to the norm. In practice, this should not make a difference, calms the data sheet. 200 km states BMW in both cases.

In the first test drive with plenty of city traffic, a little country road and no highway launched the range display at almost 180 kilometers. If the drive mode switch is set to Eco Pro, 213 kilometers are available on the onboard computer. Carefully moved the display in the 2019 BMW i3s moves only slightly. Around 200 kilometers appear quite realistic in good conditions.

When it’s time to leave, the battery charges 80% of the time, depending on the power outlet, in 3 to 7.5 hours. The onboard charger can withstand a maximum of 50 kW. Then it does not take three-quarters of an hour until the battery reaches 80 percent.

2019 BMW i3s Specs

Engine: Electric synchronous engine
Max. Power: 135 kW (184 hp)
Rated power: 75 kW (102 hp)
Torque: 270 Nm
Recuperation power: up to 50 kW
Battery capacity: 94 Ah
Energy content (gross / net): 33.2 kWh / 27.2 kWh
Charging time (for 80%): 39 min. (50 kW) for 11 h (household socket)
Wall box: 2:45 h (11 kW) to 7:30 h (3.7 kW)
Consumption: 14.3 kWh / 100 km
Range (NEDC): 280 km
Range (WLTP): 235-245 km
Range (practice according to the manufacturer): up to 200 km
Drive: rear wheel
0-100 km / h: 6.9 s
80-120 km / h: 4.3 s
Speed: 160 km / h
Length: 4.006 m
Width: 1,791 m
Height: 1,590 m
Wheelbase: 2,570 m
Boot space: 260-1,100 l
Weight: 1,340 kg
Market launch: November 2017
Price: from 41.150 euros


The interior BMW has hardly changed with the facelift. Was not necessary. He sees after four years even more modern than in most cars that are now on the market. The wooden panel swings elegantly from A-pillar to A-pillar. The plastic boasts of its recycled origin. New is the larger infotainment screen, which now gets the current tile look and a clearer menu navigation.

Everything’s fine, everything’s fine. And yes, the 2019 BMW i3s moves a bit more dynamically than his brother without s in his name. He has more traction, accelerates more vehemently and steers a track more jagged. It’s also great how the newly-tuned traction control lets the i3 shoot forward on slippery surfaces with virtually no slippage (it now regulates fabulous 100 times faster than before, says BMW).

But are these shades really important in an electric car? BMW says: yes. At least for 15 to 20 percent of i3 buyers, the i3s should be the first choice in the future. At a surcharge of 3,600 euros compared to the standard i3 should be a lucrative additional business for BMW.

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