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The strength of the Smart ForFour 2018 is its length. At 3.50 meters The little one fits in everywhere and still loads neatly. A quick test in six gears.

If you say smart, Fortwo says. Because the ultimate town car can be something that no other car on the German market can: it fits into a three-meter niche. Nevertheless, Daimler is trying to stretch the recipe for success for the second time. Whether this works?

While the old ForFour was based on the Mitsubishi Colt, Daimler is working with Renault on the new model. Very tight. Both ForFour and the Renault Twingo are built in the Slovenian Novo Mesto. On the same tape. Both with the rear. Both with drives from Renault.

While the two small cars have a lot in common technically, there is no visual similarity. The forfour looks like a long-stretched fortwo, with a brand-typical Tridion security cell, huge headlights and the new Knubbelnase of the model. Whether that’s the ForFour? Everyone has to answer that. It is clear that the new Smart ForFour 2018, unlike the old one, actually looks a little like his little brother.

With a vehicle length of 3.50 meters, We do not have to look for the best at the ForFour for long. Four seats, four shopping bags, and very little parking. The latter is due to the dimensions and the construction. Thanks to the rear engine and plenty of space on the front axle, the smart creates a turning circle of 8.95 meters. For comparison: The VW up needs 9.8 meters for a turn. If you find this number too theoretical, you should say: With the ForFour power circles on the asphalt again as much fun as before with the chalk.

Smart ForFour 2018 Range

Another peculiarity of the smarts is the relatively high vehicle floor under which the relatively small 28-liter tank rests. Both inherited the ForFour from the Fortwo. Apart from this and the unique maneuverability, however, the ForFour is hardly different from other small cars of this size. For long distances and large purchases, it is not as suitable as for a round at the Nürburgring.

Smart ForFour 2018 Specs Sheet

  • 0.9-liter petrol engine (turbo)
  • Power: 66 kw/90 HP
  • Maximum torque: 135 nm
  • Vmax: 165 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h: 11.2 s (manual)
  • NEDC consumption: 4.3 litres/100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 99 grams/km
  • Length: 3.50 m
  • Width: 1.67 m
  • Height: 1.55 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.49 m
  • Turning circle: 8.65 m
  • Empty weight: 995 kg
  • Boot: 190 to 350 L
  • Tank: 28 L
  • Price: from 12,540, 00 euro

A public car should be clear, after all, you have to share the road with many other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. But with the Smart ForFour 2018, the massive and continuous headrest of the passenger seat in combination with the wide C-pillar obstructs the view to the rear right. When parking, sensors and a reversing camera help, while turning right only a moderate pace.

The second point of criticism concerns the shrill interior with the many colorful fabrics. All this looks great, but especially in strong sunlight, it smells as artificial as it looks. It only helps Windows.

Almost nowhere else does a voice control make as much sense as when driving a car. And the Smart ForFour even works really well. Immediately the computer understands where I want to go. But while the Navi finds my manually entered address without any problems, the language computer tells me several times that there is no house number in my street-and that of my neighbor also does not.

Our test car drove with the 0.9-liter turbo engine, which is also available in the Renault Clio. The three-cylinder is 90 PS and has more temperament than one would expect when looking at the technical data. It responds quickly to the movements of the accelerator and has enough fire to dance the needle of the tachometer and let the smart fly through the city.

Despite the necessary high speed and the many movements on the retro Renault shift lever of the five-speed gearbox, one hears little from the small turbo engine. This is because he works well shielded under the trunk. Who is worried about his frozen pizza: Don’t worry. Here too, Daimler has been well insulated. While noise and heat do not rise together with the speed, consumption is very good, from theoretical 4.3 to practical 7.3 liters per 100 km.

If you have a lot of patience, you can speed up the Smart ForFour 2018 up to 165 km/h. In order for the small Knubbel to remain in the lane, Daimler equips the small car with a standard side wind assistant-and he actually needed it on the highway due to the short wheelbase and the relatively high body.

In the small car segment, there is currently no other car with the rear. But with a wheelbase of 2.49 meters and a 90 PS engine, it’s not about drifting, it’s about space inside and in the trunk. The smart seats are very narrow in all four places. Especially in the rear, no one should have to sit with a wide cross or large hips for a long time.

Generally, there is not much space in the Smart ForFour 2018, but Daimler uses every corner. The luggage compartment is normally 190 to 350 liters (For comparison: The VW up is 213 to 959 liters). But with the optional ready-space seats (275 euro), the seat of the bench can be rotated by 180 degrees and lowered at the same time. This creates a lot of space for large plants or additional cartons while protecting the pads from potting soil and other dirt.

Conclusion Review

The old ForFour was a flop. That is why Daimler is now trying to transfer as much as possible from the successful fortwo to the seater. This works especially with the turning circle, the design also creates a great proximity to the 2-seater. With the small tank under the space and the overview backward it becomes more difficult – and when finding a promising gap the ForFour misses the most important OST for a smart complete.

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